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So picture this

Saturday night after a hard day of mowing the lawn...in the rain. We are just laying around the living room at the farm, me and Deb just watching TV and being lazy. The wind starts to pick up, the rain is coming down in buckets, lots of lightning like fireworks in the sky. We consider that just maybe there might be a tornado on the way since we'd had storm warnings all evening. I switch over to the weather channel and see we are under a T-storm warning and a flash flood warning (5 weeks of rain and 8 inches of rain overnight will tend to do that). Looks like storms all night but the barometric pressure doesn't seem to indicate a tornado. So watching that gets boring after a bit and I start flipping around and happen to land on some soft core porn something or other on Skinemax about two couples playing truth or dare. I leave it there and Deb doesn't seem to object. After a few minutes I look over at Deb and she's still watching the screen. I look back over in a minute and I'm suprised to find she is watching me. I don't have to ask twice what that look means.

So I spread a blanket out on the floor and grab a couple pillows from the couch. About this time the storm moves in close and the Direct TV goes on the blink leaving us the ominous black screen. It doesn't take long before we have pretty much ripped each other's clothes off and we are writhing naked on the blanket with the warm moist breeze blowing through the window and over us. The flashes of lightning illuminating our skin with rapid blue/white flashes. We are attacking each other with the energy of teenagers and the experience of two people who know every sensitive crack and crevice of each other's bodies.

The experience was mindblowing. Refreshing and draining at the same time. A few hours later, though we still had the desire, all we could manage was some intimate cuddling while we lay watching the storm dissipate to a gentle rain. Around 4 am we finally crawled into bed and fell asleep listening to the rain. Nice huh?

Sunday we slept in until 11 am then got up and cuddled here and there while I cleaned the house in prep for the arrival of the parental units Thursday. Deb drove her car back to the City early to spend Mom's day with her mother. I kept working around the farm cleaning things up, finally making it back to the City around 11:30 pm.

Today I'm just working. Thinking about going back to the farm to finish up. I've got a nasty sinus infection it seems. Spent the night coughing. I'm picking up a scrip of Keflex on the way home. Hopefully that will help kick this out of me.





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