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I'm here ...sort of

The antibiotics are working well but I'm still suffering from the symptoms of the sinus infection. Apparently I waited until the last minute to start treatment of this one. I'm sure the folks here at work are tired of hearing me snarfle and cough all day. So I keep my office door closed most of the time. It's a rainy day. Ed, John and I just drove out in the rain to look at the house John is having built to see if there are any photo opps for the book. There are as it turns out. We talked about strip clubs in Florida on the way out and back. Seems every guy has a strip club story to tell. Kind of an American right of passage sort of thing maybe. Got a lot of busy work to do today in trying to finish up this book with the newly imposed deadline that was set two days ago. Nice when they shorten your deadlines by five weeks!

Kinda missing my morning conversations with purrrgatori. Ah well, it is her birthday and cuddles kept her out till all hours of the morning at the new Star Wars premier so I guess I can forgive her this once. Not like I don't have enough to keep me busy anyway. Time to shut my door and crank up some tunes and get to work I guess. The folks should be at the farm by now hopefully. They are only staying four days this trip thank the spirits because i'm really not ready for one of their month long visits right now. Not until July anyway.





May. 17th, 2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
One of my great-uncles was well known for curing dogs of gunshy-ness:

1. Go to a lake with your boat, dog, and gun.
2. Get in boat with dog and gun.
3. Row out in middle of lake.
4. Shoot gun.
5. Haul dog out of lake and put back in gun.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 until dog stays in boat or you are insane.


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