Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Turn out the lights...the party's over

I've tried to update about the party twice. The first time earlier today, my computer crashed and I lost the whole entry. Just now, the power went out and I lost the whole entry. I'd say that was a sign someone doesn't want me to post. So I'll head the warning and head home I guess.

Suffice to say the following. The 7th Annual Wander's Pre 4th of July Fish Fry and Fireworks extravaganza was a success.

I got to meet purrrgatori and jehosephat and see my buddy cuddles again. We had lots of good conversation and great food including a whole smoked pork loin, roasted chicken, fried catfish, boiled NC shrimp and all the IL country fixins including watermelon. We shot a $750 fireworks show and everyone had a great time. I must say that Cuddles and Purgi are a perfect compliment to each other and Purgi is not only beautiful she is highly intelligent too. Jehosephat is a great guy as well and his daughter was just the cutest thing.

I was glad to see everyone and hope everyone made it home safe.

I'll update more tomorrow, hopefully with some photos when the computer gods are smiling on me more.


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