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Just a little more pressure please!

So yesterday started out as a normal day at work until we found out that a part of one of our projects which we though was due in a week was actually due today. It involved over 100 pages of layout with accompanying artwork which all needed to be outlined, turned to greyscale and saved with a clipping path. So by 5 pm everyone else in the building leaves an I go over and volunteer to do whatever still needs to be done including possibly driving the whole thing to Columbus, Ohio (6 hour trip one way minimum) if we couldn't get it done by 9pm. 8pm is the last time for FedEx drop out at the airport. 9pm is our last resort UPS overnight drop just up the street. I got all the artwork done (70 - 64 Meg hi res files) by 7pm. At 8:15 we still had 11 pages to lay out. We got done with everything around 8:48 and I grabbed it all and ran to my truck and made it to the box at 8:55pm. Then i realized you could only drop ship UPS packs and not the box I already had made up with the nicely typed out label. So out of the box it came and I huriedly scratched out a new delivery ticket with my credit card number on it and right as the UPS truck was pulling up, I shoved it into the box. I made sure the UPS guy could read all my writing then hurried back to the office where I was greeted with cheers and hugs from a bunch of nice looking women. Not a bad thing at all. Made it home around 10:30 pm and wen right to bed. This morning I tracked the package and made sure it go to Columbus. So the department head ordered a bunch of breakfast rolls in and now she's taking the whole team from last night out to lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's for Mexican. And shortly after that i have to dive back into the other two concurrent projects which are both due in early July so I can then go on 5 or 6 press OK's in 5 different states. And to top it all off evry single one of these projects could cost us all our jobs if only one of them fails to meet deadline. Having responsibility for losing 50 people their jobs. No pressure there!


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