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Killing Coyote

I was on my way over to the farm last night when a young coyote darted out from the right hand side of the road. I'm not sure if I actually hit him as I tried to swerve or if he just ran into the wheel. I stopped and came back and put on my hazard lights so I could check on him. It was less than a minute later but he was dead already. I put my hand on his chest and his throat just to make sure. Still warm but no breath, no pulse. It shook me up quite a bit. I picked him up and carried him off the roadside and into the tall grass. It was raining and cold but I couldn't feel it at that point. I placed my hand on his head and said a prayer to the Creator to accept his spirit and wished him a good journey and apologized for taking his life. I placed a piece of honey calcite on him near his head as it's what I use as a connection to the spirit world in meditation. It was my hope, it would help him on his journey.

I know last year when I killed an owl in a similar fashion, I was told by a spritual advisor friend it was not necessarily a bad thing and that perhaps it was my owl totem sending me a message. Since Coyote is one of my other main totems, I'm hoping this is the same kind of thing, although, I wish they didn't have to die to bring me a message. I was unable to find a suitable amount of time and silence to meditate on it last night but I plan to tonight as I promised the coyote to look hard for the message he was bringing me and make sure his death was not in vain.

One thing I can already see is this is an affirmation of which sides my totems are on. The owl came to me from the left and the coyote from the right. This could simply be an affirmation that coyote is indeed working to help and guide me but I need to be sure.

The drive in this morning was pretty slippery as we got freezing rain last night but today looks to be sunny and warmer so I hope it lifts my mood a bit.


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