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I just got back from the dentist...AGAIN...at least it's the last one for this year. He put a big ole filling in and decided to wait on the crown for the root canal he did last week. I just can't wait for this novacaine to wear off. I ought to be a bear tonight. Although, I can't get too bitchy because Deb is still sick and I've got to take care of her. I'm making her homemade chicken soup and a nice baked potatoe for dinner. I'll use some of the morel mushrooms I picked and dried last spring for a little change of pace in the soup. Should be good. Looks like an evening of jewelry making since they're letting me do a show at my office on Friday. I always make money from the office people this time of year. Hopefully this year will go just as well. Hope everyone has a nice evening. I'll be on ICQ later if anyone wants to chat.


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