Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear


I'm going to be a photo posting fool today because...that's right...the rest of my vacation pics got back from the developer. Remind me not to shoot Seattle Filmworks film on vacation again even if it is free.

First off, here is a photo of my sister Starhawk who came to visit me on the farm last week.

Next, the beginning of my late summer harvest. All this in one hour of picking. Sugar Pears, Anaheim Chilies, Sweet Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Habaneros, Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers and Cayennes, Red and Yellow Tomatoes, Green and Yellow Cucumbers and a bushel of Crab Apples. Not pictured, Peaches and Persimons and a truckload of Crookneck Squash.

And the first of my small pumpkin crop. I planted 5 seeds and got 15 pumpkins like these jolly fellows:

The pears that fall when I'm not around have made a squishy mess on the ground and attracted a variety of animal life. I walked out on Saturday and a carpet of red and gold lifted to the air. There were literally thousands of these medium sized butterflies. Mostly red/orange and black but a few of the blue/black variety as well. Some of theme graciously posed for the following portraits.

Hope you enjoy!

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