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Can can

For some reason and only Spirit knows why, Robbie's wife has not been a bitch lately. Which makes us all think she's planning something because she derives way too much joy from being a bitch. Last Saturday, she threw a party at her and Robbie's place. A little friends and neighbirs get together outside with hotdogs, Brats and smores over a nice roaring fire. Of course we had to light some fireworks as well, until the cops showed up. Then last night, I getto the farm and have a message to go over and pick up turtle shells from Susan. Not only that, she gave them to me for free. She gave me 8 pretty nice snapping turtle shells and with the 4 Scotty gave me last week, I have about $150 worth of trade goods to use. WooHoo! They are all out on ant hills right now. I let the ants pull off the last little bits of flesh and clean the shells for me before I trade them. That way they don't smell.

Plus I've got a freezer full of deer hides, goose feathers and turkey feathers to clean but that stuff will bring me another $300 or so. Maybe I'll be able to pay off some bills this Fall.

Last weekend was a canning weekend. I canned 11 half pints and one full pint of my Hawaiian Hot sauce. paean look for a package soon. I also canned 8 pints of medium salsa. In addition, I also cut the pumpkins in half and baked them and got 8 quarts of pulp to use for making pies and breads this Fall.

Anyone hungry yet?

Last night, I processed about 100 tomatoes. Combination of Better Boy, Pink Girl and Romas and got a gallon of paste and a gallon of juice. This weekend I'll turn the juice into V-8 juice and the paste into hot salsa and maybe some tomatoes sauce.

I also need to can the last of my sugar pears, make peach jam and peach jelly, use the last of the Concord grape juice (grapes from my arbors) to make more grape jelly, make blackberry/raspberry/strawberry jam and make aplle cider and apple jelly. Oh yeah and I'm going to do pickled watermelon and pickled hot peppers. Sounds liek a busy weekend!

That and Deb and I are going to go touring around the small town art fairs on the Spoon River Drive and Knox County Fall Color Drices. I think there is a Pow Wow and Rendezvous going at Dixon Mounds as well. Nothing like a full weekend.




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Oct. 2nd, 2002 08:23 pm (UTC)
PUMPKIN BREAD!!!! Yummmmmmmmmm
Oh, and apple cider....mmmmmmmm you lucky...
Oct. 3rd, 2002 07:12 am (UTC)
Heheheheh. Want a loaf of pumpkin bread? I can overnight it to you next week.


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