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Uh Oh......

Well, I looked last night on the way over to the farm but couldn't find the coyote I killed. Not that it means it's gone. I had carried it pretty far off the road when it happened so I might not be able to see it in the dark. Sunday, when I come back from the farm in the daylight, I'll have to look. I plan to mark the location and move the body to the farm so I can get to it easier when it has all decayed so I can get the bones since they were gifted to me.

It's snowing today finally, we have about 3 inches on the ground and more promised by tonight when it will freeze and make the roads slicker than snot. Lets try to guess how many idiots I'll have to help out of the ditch tonight on the way to the farm?

I was up until 2 am finishing jewelry for the sale today. I got in the office around 8:15 and was mobbed by fellow employees wanting Xmas gifts before I could even get set up. Sold $50 worth of stuff right off the bat. This is all trip money for going to NC at Xmas so I hope they buy me out. I've taken several orders for earrings to go with this or a bracelet to match that so I'll be busy all weekend filling residual orders. Which reminds me. You can check out my website at Pink Coyote Designs to see some of my work. If anyone needs anything for Xmas, let me know. I'll drop in an LJ discount for all of my friends. Plus my prices are pretty cheap anyway. most expensive thing I make is $35 and most is far less than that. Plus I can get fine gold and silver jewelry at wholesale prices, so don't pay for it at the mall or those damned jewelry stores. I'll do you a better deal.

OK, enough advertising for now. I'd rather talk about other things on here. I've a pile of work on my desk so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to update today. So I'm posting my normal Friday pic early. This is moonrise in winter over the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rockies in Colorado. It was taken from the San Luis Valley which is the other side of the mountains from Denver. The really beautiful part of Colorado where we used to hunt Elk.


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