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Yes! I'm finished.

I finally finished filling all the art for my last book Technology in Action. The stuff we used had been sitting in my office in all sorts of boxes, going nowhere. I'd gotten kind of lazy about it too. I should have filed it all back in August but I got caught up in helping with Culinary Essentials and got sidetracked. Then my two new books Carpentry and Building Construction and Mechanical Drawing started up and I've just not had the time to get that stuff filed. So last week, my boss pokes her head in my door and asks what the big box of art is doing sitting on my chair. I told her and she asked if I wanted to hire someone to help me file it. That's like the kiss of death for a photo editor. If you actually do have someone help you, it sends a message to everyone else that you can't manage your own projects and the next thing you know you get stuck on some workbook project somewhere. I've been the stud around here for the last two years and I don't want to let my stud status go. So I told her I'd clear out some time last week and get it done.

I started Wednesday and just finished. Now all the art is in folders by chapter, the stuff I borrowed from stock houses is in slide sleeves and ready to go back and I've put all the hi-res files on a Jaz disk. Damn things took up 800 Megs of space. Now I just have to send all the stuff back to the stock houses and send out all the complimentary copies of the book to the people that contributed. Good to have it done because the three artists I've got working on Construction haven't reported in. I need to nail those little buggers down and check their progress. I got and archive from one of them this morning that hopefully contains the 30 drawings he owes me. If not, I'm not paying him. That should get him motivated.

Hectic day but it beats being out in the cold.



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