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Just chillin

Just sitting here at work with my office door closed 'cause I'm listening to tunes on the computer CD player. Everyone else in the office just uses either their internal speakers or has a tiny pair of externals. I like my music so I added some larger speakers and even at their quietest level, I have to close my door so it doesn't bug other people. I'm sort of bummed 'cause this morning was pretty warm for October. In the mid 60's anyway. Then around 12:45, Deb comes over and tells me she called in an order to Pizza Hut for lunch and we need to pick it up on the way home. We head out to my car and I'll be damned it the temp hasn't dropped to around 45. I had to go home and put on a sweater. I'm definitely not ready for winter and it will be here pretty damned soon. We're in for a hard one this year too.

While we were at the farm this weekend, a big tree in the backyard of our city house dropped a limb about 10" in diameter. Messed up some brick landscaping that took me a whole day to build and dented the hell out of the top support on Jake's Dog kennel. Good thing he was with us at the farm when it happened. He would not have been a happy dog.

On a lighter note, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to a shoot tonight about an hour away. Deba and I as well as several of her cousins are professioanl pyrotechnicians. We got a request to do a Homecoming Week fireworks show for Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois. Most of the team will be there, but I'll be pushing it to get there by 6:30 so I'm thinking about not doing it. I helped rig all the electronics over the weekend and they only need one person to hand light the mortars. I'm not even sure I've got all my safety gear with me. Still, I'm not sure I can pass up the opportunity to blow stuff up. Our next show will not be until New Years and that's a while to wait for a pyro. Hmmmm....

We did a great show for the St. Louis Rams training camp in August before they headed back to St. Louis. The show cost around $10 K and lasted for nearly 45 minutes. Man was that a kick ass show.

Oh well, might as well go and lend a hand.


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