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Knives, fur and feathers

Well my holiday was nice and long and full of things to do. Wednesday we got out of work early so we went home and packed and got ready to head to the farm. In the midst of loading the truck, it started to snow again. But it didn't amout to much and we got down there in good time.

Thursday we went to Deb' aunt's house in the afternoon for dinner. Very traditional. Baked turkey and all the trimings. Plus pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert. I made a couple loves each of zucchini nut bread and pumpkin cranberry bread. I'd have to say the latter tasted better. The former was a little dry but hey, people ate it and I didn't have to take any home. Devin wants another jar of my Hawaiian Hot Salsa so I knew I'd have to make more over the weekend. We also drew names for Christmas gift exchanges. I got Devin who is easy like me and wants kitchen utensils. At night we went to Deb's dad and stepmom's in Colchester for dessert and reunion time with the other half of the family. I'd gotten late invites from my family too but just this once, I wasn't going to drive all over the state just for them. They can come visit me if they want to see me.Deb's dad gave me 6 wild turkey wings and a couple fresh deerhides. Oh boy, won't i have fun tanning 10 deer hides this winter (sarchasm). Deb had some words with her dad and then I had some heated words with her in the car on the way home over a confidence that was broken. Not the way I wanted to end the evening but we talked more when we got home so hopefully it won't happen again.

Friday, Deb and Gwen wanted to go shopping in Quincy. They tried to trap me into going as well by mentioning Rob was going along. I knew the only reason Rob was going was so he could babysit while Deb and Gwen fondled on sale lingerie. So I wisely decided I would follow them as far as Quincy and then head for Hannibal to see the Flintknapper. Rob was almost whining to go with me instead, poor guy. Deb had given me a spending limit of $200 to buy her dad and brother flint knives for Xmas. Plus I wanted to see if he had any carved items I could use as centerpieces for six necklaces I was to make my dad. I ended up spending the $200 on two knives similar to this. Tim didn't have any centerpieces made up so I sat and watched while he carved me some that look like this. It was really interesting watching him carve. He made it look so easy. I'd have come away with gashes in my fingers I'm sure of it. I also ended up buy 4 bars of this wonderful smelling all vegetable soap his wife makes. My favorite is Sweetgrass which smells about as close as you can get to sweetgrass without having the plant right there.

Then Tim showed me a bunch of trade beads he got from Harvey Walmart since the last time I saw him. I was instantly envious of a strand of 400 year old Venetian Chevrons he had. So I bartered some slabs of sardonyx I had for knife making and I ended up with one of the chevrons for the equivalent of about $20. It is worth around $60 so I think I made a good trade. Tim was happy anyway. I got back to Quincy just in time to have dinner with Deb, Gwen, Rob, Evin and Baby Belle. Sorry, as cute as she is, I still don't like eating with babies at the table. I'm not sure how parents condition themselves not to vomit when their kids spit up in the middle of dinner. Afterward, they were all headed for the mall so I begged off and went home and waited for Deb.

Saturday, Deb and I slept late in the evil bed with the flannel sheets. Then we got up and headed into twon to have breakfast with Rob and Gwen. Afterward, Rob got me to help him grind and crank out deer and elk jerky onto racks for the smoker. I think that's what breakfast was for, a bribe to get me to do the hard work. Oh well, it also means I got first pick of the finished product. I'm going to have to talk to Rob about his overuse of the pepper powder. This stuff burns going down and coming out as well.

The rest of the day was spent at home making jewelry for upcoming shows. Deb got 12 bracelets done and I got 7 necklaces done, including the six for my dad. Sunset Saturday was nice. At least it was clear enough to see the sunset. Deb and I stood out on the porch and watched until the last golden twinkles faded out.

Sunday, we mostly made jewelry but also watched some rented videos. It was nice relaxing. I did manage to make another pot of Hawaiian Hot Salsa...otherwise known as a pot of bubbling death. And Deb and I went for a ride in the country. We saw a lot of deer which the hunters apparently missed that night. A couple nice does ran in front of the truck by I avoided them. I saw them coming from a ways off.

Tonight I need to make some more jewelry but I think a good part of the evening will also be spent being lazy and relaxing with my baby.




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