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Long Strange Weekend

Friday I ended up staying up all night to get a bunch of jewelry made for the Saturday show. Turns out what I should have concentrated most on was bracelets as that's all that sold. But you never can tell. So until 2 am I concentrated on necklaces and got 7 made which isn't nearly a record for me but it was significant. Then from 2 am until 6 am, I pushed through and concentrated on earrings and got 32 pair made which is a personal record for me. Deb had planned to stay up and make bracelets but after only 3, her carpal tunnel really started bothering her and her wrists started to swell so I sent her to bed. I wasn't really mad at her, just dissapointed and I knew if she stayed up and kept asking me if there was anything she could do, we'd get in a fight and I'd end up saying something stupid which would make her cry. I'd set an alarm for 6 am on the off chance that I would go to bed and it woke her up. So she came down and helped me get loaded up. I was down at the sale spot by 7 am and set up by 7:30 which left me an hour and a half before the show opened to work on some bracelets. actually that's what I worked on all day. When the show opened, there were 157 vendors and 400 customers poured in at once which sounds good but the numbers get pretty diluted when people only have a fixed amount to spend. Mostly they were buying Christmas style crafts though I did have a couple of brief runs on bracelts and ended up with about $120 profit which admittedly was more than I had when I started but no where near what I was expecting. I got home around 4 pm and Deb was gone to Gwen's which was fine because I needed the nap. Later, Deb brought me home made chilli she and Gwen and been working on. And we talked about the kind of shows we needed to be ionvolved in next year. We've decided our jewlery lends itself more to heritage festivals and rendezvous and pow wows than city Christmas craft shows. So next year's sales schedule will be planned accordingly.

But my lossin Christmas sales will be everyone else's gain. I'm going to scan in all the jewelry tonight and put up a web site for it. If any of my LJ friends are looking for those last minute gifts, I'll be offering some good discounts and I'll be able to get it to you before Xmas. Look for the link in a post tomorrow.

Sunday was again spent with the Flintknapper. My Mom had decided at the last minute she wanted one of the flint knives for Dad. So Deb and I both went as I wanted her to meet Tim and LuAnne and all the cats. We had a great time with them at their home near Hannibal. Deb ended up buying lots of beads from Tim and LOTS of homemade soap from LuAnne. I bought the knife as well as some other items which will become presents for many of my LJ friends when I go out to NC at the end of the month. I had another idea in the shower this morning for myt best friend Brent and I'll have o contact Tim again to see if he can do it before I leave.

After we left, we went back across the river to Quincy and had lunch/dinner at Applebees. Deb and I had a good conversation and drank a few MGD's before heading back home. She took a nap and I made one last batch of the Sweet Hot Salsa and got it all canned. My mom bought 15 jars she wants to use as stocking stuffers for neighbors. I still have plenty left and probably enough peppers left to do another batch though after this, they will all be frozen instead of fresh. Some have started to go limp on me and I'll be putting those on the dehydrator to try and save them for soups and stuf later on if they are not completely dead.

So today was pretty boring. I did spend lunch at Forest Park Nature Center and that was nice, watching all the critters deal with winter. I bought Dad a Xmas present. Now I'll have to find something for Mom. I'll be scanning jewelry and making cookies for various functions tonight. Office Xmas party is tomorrow. I'll probably be expected to take pictures. Hopefully we can just go home after that so we can get some yard work done. Then I have to go to Bloomington tomorrow night and help my boss move furniture. Wednesday I need to get back down to the farm and pick up Jake. It's supposed to be warmer toward the end of the week and I want Deb to take care of him while I'm gone. Thursday morning I leave on my ROAD TRIP er I mean Press OK for work. I've got a Mustang reserved. If it's bad weather though, I'll get something with a little heavier rear end.

That is all,



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Dec. 9th, 2002 05:59 pm (UTC)
oooh, I look forward to seeing the jewelry.

I'm still working on wording my answer to your question -- it is certainly one of the more thought-provoking ones.

I wish I knew my late December plans. It might be nice to see you. But Sam's coming home the 19th, and I have no idea what I'll do then.

Have fun on your road, er, business, trip. :)
Dec. 9th, 2002 07:27 pm (UTC)
I'll check my mail while I'm there and keep updating LJ so if we have a chance to hook up, let me know. I'll be there from the 20th until the 30th.

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