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The trip

Mmmmmmmm. I just got finished eating a huge helping of very rich baclacva. Yummy. No diet for me. Oh well, I just won't eat while I'm travelling tomorrow. OK, all the jewelry is sent out to duskfrog and namaste21. It went Fed Ex at no extra charge to you because I couldn't get to the post office. So you should both have it tomorrow. duskfrog, if you are not going to be around tomorrow, you might leave a note for the Fed Ex guy of wher he can leave the pacakge so you don't have to sign for it. devilmiyu I still have yours because you never gave me an address to send it to. I'll take it with me and send it from NC if you want me to.

I'm doing a portrait shoot while I'm in NC for a friend of mine. I was going to haul all my homemade lighting setup with me and I was lacking a reflector umbrella. So I called a friend who is a professional portrait photographer and whom I just paid a goodly sum to do photography for my last book. He said, "sure, come over at lunch and pick it up!"

When I got there, he had crates of stuff for me to take. An umbrella, a warm gold reflector and a cool silver reflector. A professional lighting setup that handles both constant lighting and flash. A flash synch meter, tripods and the works. My stuff would have handled it but this will allow me to take less stuff and work so much more effeciently. Then I asked him where the best place in town to buy b/w film was and he asked what I wanted to shoot. So I told him T-Max 100 if possible and he reached into his refrigerator and pulled out 7 rolls and said "Merry Christmas". Then he told me when I get back, I can come print at his lab for 40 cents a sheet both color and b/w. Now all I need to do is go buy my color film and I'll be set. That saved me sooooooo much money too.

I've got a laptop for the trip so I'll be able to keep up when I need to and not have to get on other people's computers and change settings and what not. That's always helpful.

I'll be leaving here tomorrow morning early and heading to NC. I'll probably get to Brent's house in Lexington late, but I should get there tomorrow. I'll try to make it work to see everyone that want's to see me. My plans are a little less definite this time than normal so it might all work.

I won't be back at work until next year so if I don't see you then have a happy holiday no matter how you chose to celebrate it.

Peace, love and good cheer,



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