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An Appology

It seems I've inadvertantly gone and offended someone. I'd like to make a public appology to inushnu. She made a joking and flirting comment to one of my posts in November and I responded by mailing her a gift and making what I thought what was equally joking and flirty comment back. Unfortunately that's not how it was recieved and for that I humbly and heartily appologize. Upon realizing I had offended her, I quickly emailed an appology back to her, but I've come to find out that either that was never recieved or it was misinterpreted which has in turn caused a more recent comment I made on her journal be misinterpreted as well. I meant her no disrespect either with the original gift and comment or the more recent comment. I've always thought we had a funny, flirty sort of online relationship both on LJ and the non-electronic communication we've shared offline and in both instances, the comments were made in that vein. I've never meant to infer that our relationship was anything more than platonic. I have a very open relationship with many of my real life friends where we joke, flirt and don't take things too seriously if someone goes a little over the line by accident. I may tend to go a little too far at times and apparently that's what has happened here. Most everyone who really knows me knows I'm joking with about 90% or the sarcastic and teasing comments I make but that's because they can see my face or hear the sarcasm or irony in my voice. But those things are very hard to convey in electronic communication, and so it seems this has caused my words and actions to be misunderstood. So inushnu, once again, I appologize. I never meant to offend you or to infer in any way that our relationship was anything more than platonic.




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Jan. 10th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC)
I don't. I just chalk it up to one of those stumbling blocks that help you learn along your path. I just wanted her to know I was sincere in my appology is all. Thank you for the lovely sentiment. I'm pretty fond of you too.


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