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So it appears we have a new cat. You rememeber the kitten I saved a few weeks back? Well it turn out after spend over $100 to get her shots and dewormed and all, we decided to keep her. Now we have 3. Peeker the oldest male, Jasper the youngest male whom we got in late 2001 and now little miss Jewel. I'll post a few pics soon.

We didn't do a lot with the long weekend. Turns out we just needed some US time. So We stayed in the city Friday night and cuddled. Then Saturday we went to the farm. We had another 8 inches of snow so I went to start the tractor and plow the drive but of course it was too cold for it to start (around 15 degrees it gets real finicky). I ran the battery down and tried to charge it on the charger but it refused to hold a charge. So it was over to the Autozone in Beardstown who were the only ones in the area who carried a 6 volt Positive ground battery. I was thinking with the amount of old tractors in the area that more people would stock them but I guess it's not everyday that a battery on one of these things goes out so why keep a regular stock. Plus the tractor is 55 years old so maybe there are not so many in action as I think.

We bought a DVD player at Wally World while we were over in Beardstown because we were wanting one for the farm. I had no idea they'd gotten so cheap. We bought a Sony DVD player for $88. The RCA we bought a year ago for the city house cost $159 for Pete's sake. Bought some DVD's as well. Ice Age, Lilo and Stitch and the 4 DVD Set of Lord of the Rings.

Got back home and hooked up the DVD for Deb. Then I bundled up in long underwear and coveralls and headed out to the barn with the new battery. And of course there were parts which required me to take off my gloves and work. My arthritis was kicking in with my fingers a good bit. Got the new battery in and worked for an hour to try and start it. Sounds like it may need a new carburetor or maybe a new distributor. Anyway, it wouldn't start and I ended up draining the new battery so I stuck the charger on for the night.

Sunday it finally started because it had warmed up into the mid-20's. Ran really well as a matter of fact and I was able to plow the drive and make driveable paths through the barnyard and down the field lanes. The rest of Sunday was spent watching DVD's and relaxing. Made Rib Eye steaks and baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday was a long day as I had to go all over the countryside delivering Xmas presents my Mom had sent back with me. I started out over in Virginia and then up to Philadelphia then a speed run out to Denver with a stop in Tennessee in between. I got back to the farm after dark and we headed back to the city. Looks like I may have to go to Cuba and maybe even Peru this week to make more deliveries.

Today my thesis advisor emailed me. I have an appointment to see him next Tuesday afternoon. He thinks the April date for completion is doable. Hot damn. One more step towards completion and then on to a doctoral degree. Finally.

Looks like a lot of cleanup work this week.


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