Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

The Day so Far

Last night when I got to the farm at around 8:30 it was 2 degrees outside. When I woke up this morning it was -10 outside. By 3 pm it had warmed up to 5 which is our high for the day though the wind chill is -35 right now. This feels more like central Colorado weather than Central Illinois weather. We are expecting -5 tonight and a couple inches of snow overnight. My truck started this morning but I knew something was wrong by the time I got to town and still had no heat. I got gas and lo and behold the engine overheated. You know what, even antifreeze can freeze it it gets cold enough. I had a new radiator and water pump put in back in November and put a 70-30% antifreeze to water mixture which is supposed to protect in sub-zero temps. But with the windchill last night it got down to -40 so the antifreeze froze in the radiator. I got the truck back home before it absolutely overheated and was belching out clouds of antifreeze-laden steam.

Now there are a couple of ways to fix this. None are too pleasing. You can stand out there and pour hot water over the radiator to free the blockage which works fine but in sub zero temps you also end up freezing water all around the engine compartment which isn't good on the belts and hoses.


You can stand out there with a blow dryer, warming up specific parts of the radiator which works well if you know where the frozen blockage is. But with wind, it doesn't work too well.


You can put a space heater under the front end of the car and slowly heat the whole radiator until the ice melts which works well if you can find a garage to put the car in so you trap the heat a little better. I had the space heater but alas, my garage is full of boxes and junk at the moment which I didn't feel like unloading to get the truck in.

So I went with the hot water method which took a half hour to work. Then of course I had to go buy more antifreeze to replace what I'd lost in the boil over. Finally at around 10, I was headed back to the city which put me too work at 11:05. Upon ariving, I immediately got called into my bosses ofice so she could tell me she was displeased about my coming in 5-10 minutes late every morning lately. I really was not in the mood to deal with it so I told her not to worry that the problems were not work related and that I'd fix it. Then we talked about other work related stuff in a closed door session for an hour. Basically I let her know that unless I got a promotion this year to Senior Production Editor, I'd be looking for other employment. So she is willing to help outline the steps for me to get the promotion which will mean about a $3000 pay raise.

Then at noon it was time to go to lunch. One of our big vendors took our department out to a local country club for a post holiday "thanks for all the business last year" meal. I had corn chowder, chicken quesadillas and a wonderful strawberry parfait for dessert. Oh and a more than a couple glasses of white zin. So now I'm a tad happier.

I just hope my radiator does not freeze again tonight.


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