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Business Opportunity

For lunch I went over to the International Food Basket that recently opened up on Prospect near our house. I've been buying stuff there for a few weeks now and have become friends with the owner Yaz (from Saudi Arabia) and his manager Elias (from Lebanon). Two weeks ago he started having fresh hot tamales on Fridays. These are made by an old Mexican woman in her house downtown and they absolutely rock. Yaz goes up to Chicago every Tuesday and brings back fresh produce. It's become the best place in Peoria to buy things like papayas, mangoes, and fresh pineapples which I use to make my salsa. He sells for much less than the chain grocery stores and the produce is fresher. I bought two gallon bags of fresh tamales for $6 per bag! There are 15 tamales per bag. Not too shabby eh?

As I side note, I'm registering a trademark for my salsa. It's going to be called Wander's Tropical Terror.

So last week Yaz and I were talking about salsa and I told him about Tropical Terror. Of course I wasn't calling it Tropical Terror at the time. Monday I took him a half pint jar of it and he shared it with his family and everyone loved it. So today he asked me to bring him another jar and he will share it with his Mexican customers. If enough people like it, he will start buying it from me. How cool is that? Also, I sold a case of it to someone I know in Long Beach, CA for her employees. It's about time I made some money on that stuff. I'll be making another batch this weekend. Lets see if I can drive Deb out of the house with it! Hehehe

Off to the farm for the weekend. We have to go to a 3rd birthday party for Deb's nephew tomorrow and I need to crank out a chapter on my thesis this weekend. Other than that it will be relaxing and snuggling for us.




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Feb. 28th, 2003 04:05 pm (UTC)
What are you doing your Ph.D on/Masters on?

Feb. 28th, 2003 04:11 pm (UTC)
MA in Communication (as in theories on why and how we communicate)

Thesis is titled: The Dine' (Navajo): Maintaining a Mythic Society

Basically it's about how the Navajo have managed to keep themselves in a traditional society by observing thier emergence myths, keeping their own language and controlling media.

I actually finished all my accademic work 7 years ago but the career thing has slowed me from finishing my thesis. I'm supposed to defend it in early April though.


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