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I wish...

It's times like right now that I kick myself so much for selling my old Mustang. Because the mood I'm in right now, nothing would suit me better than to climb into the cockpit, put some 20 year old Heavy Metal into the tape deck and take off on a windy country backroad. Speeding up on curves to almost the point where I can feel the back end begin to slide out on me. Seeing just how fast I can go without losing it. Not that I really cared back then if I did lose it or not. Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood right now. My life is getting complex again. Nothing like cheating death a little to really make you feel alive again. God's I miss drag racing on Friday and Saturday nights. I saw this sweet Mach 1 for sale over the weekend so maybe that's what has me thinking about the Mustang again. Or maybe it's a mid-life crisis kicking in but MAN, the feeling of going over 100 mph down a two lane road right next to some other maniac in a hot car. Stereos blasting out AC/DC or Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Encountering another car in front of me, and having to decided in a split second whether to slam on my brakes or try to go around him on the shoulder and risk rolling my car. Oh the adrenalin rush of knowing if I didn't win, I was going to lose my car. Getting right up next to the other guy going 80 or so and dropping the gears from drive into second and hearing the shift kit chirp and being slammed back against the seat while the car rocketed from 80 to over 100 in a few seconds. Flying across the makeshift finish line laid down with field marking chalk earlier and seeing a cloud of white dust go up around me. All my friends there cheering for me and getting ready to run their races. Collecting the other guy's car title, my hands still shaking from the rush.

I feel the need for a little speed right now.



May. 20th, 2003 09:43 am (UTC)
We listened to a little of everything back then. Most of us were still very into Led Zepellin and The harder 70's stuff. KISS was still Big. AC/DC had just recently come out with the "Back in Black" album. Most of the radio play was REO Speedwagon and Boston and Foreigner. Alternative for us was really like Yes and King Crimson, Genesis and Peter Gabriel. The hair bands hadn't hit yet. Remember Billy Thorpe's "Children of the Sun?" That and Rush's "Moving Pictures" were kind of the turning point from one wave of music to another in that era. Van Halen was still fronted by Roth at least for another year.

Howard Stern had just taken over as the morning jock of our local radio station, DC 101. As much as I hate him now, he helped bring metal to the airwaves in a big way. DC 101 changed formats from Top 40 Classic rock to metal almost overnight and all us gear heads couldn't have been happier.

All of a sudden we were hearing Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, DIO. Motorhead, Saxon, Dokken, Blackfoot, Whitesnake and a host of others. Great music for people who were into cheating death a little. To me, later metal just never really mesured up so I've never gotten behind the likes of Metallica and such.

But I guess each generation has it's own musical heroes.



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