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I just read cuddles journal where he talks about having wierd dreams after eating garlic bread before bed. I had weird dreams last night too and I ate garlic bread with my lasagna last night. Hmmm....do it detect a pattern here? Seriously, I had this wierd dream about being over at Rob and Gwen's and they had this big bowl of fresh tomatoes. I asked them where they got them and they said from my garden. Now in real life, on Sunday I plowed what was left of my garden under as the frost a couple weeks ago killed everything. In my dream I knew I had done that so I was wondering how they had gotten the tomatoes.

Then when I woke up, I realized that sort of thing happens to me with Rob all the time. Rob and Gwen live in the town near my farm and they watch it for me when I'm not there duiring the week. It always happens that I will be walking the fields, looking for arrowheads and find maybe one. Then the next day, Rob will go out and look and find ten. He's always trying to do me one better.

He really out did me back in the Spring during mushroom season. I was a nice guy and showed him the secret patch where I hunt. Here, mushroom hunters are like fishermen with their secret fishing holes. So I got generous because I knew he had a big dinner party coming up and he needed some mushrooms. Well of course he went back on his own later and cleaned out my patch, leaving only the smallest ones for me.

Morel mushrooms only have a growing season of about 2 to 3 weeks if you are lucky. If it's a really cold spring, you may not see them at all. And I can only get out to the farm on the weekends as I work 85 miles away in Peoria. Rob is there all the time so he definitely has the advantage.

Well, on probably the last day of the season, it rained an nice warm gentle shower. This is really good for bringing the morels up. and as they can grow 3 inches a day, you have a really good chance of finding some. It was a Sunday when Rob was out of town and Jake the Dog and I went down into my woods to look one last time. I was not paying much attention when Jake started sniffing around this big dead tree. I walked over to investigate and there before me was morel heaven. There were literally hundreds of morels as big as a fist all poking out of this little grassy hump. They were even bunches under these thorn bushes. I had 8 plastic grocery sacks with me and filled them all up. I was even stuffing them in my pockets. I got really cut up getting the ones out from under the thorn bushes, but it was well worth the effort.

It was around dark when Jake and I finally left the woods. In total, I got 15 pounds which if I sold them would have brought me at least $200. But I never sell them. I waited until Rob got home and them took several dozen of the largest ones over for him to see, he was green with envy and I was loving it. I went back to Peoria that night feeling pretty good mostly about finding so many mushrooms but a little about showing Rib up too. Then, two days later, Rob is over checking on my house and he finds two of the biggest morels anyone has ever seen, growing right next to my driveway. They weighed at least a pound and a half each. He did rub my face in it but at least he invited Deb and I over for dinner when he grilled them. We may have a rivalry but we each share in the spoils.

This time of the year is when I even the score though. He and I are both avid fishermen. But now it's deer hunting season and he and another guy have stands up on my place as well as other places. They might sit all morning and never see a deer but I can go fishing and catch dozens of fish. I always make sure to take the catch by Rob's house before I clean it. Next June we will have a huge party at my place and all the fish we have each caught will get fried. So it all evens out in the end I guess.


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Oct. 17th, 2000 08:26 pm (UTC)
Alright I'll tell ya my dream.
Now that I remember it and since you told about yours I'll let ya into the nightmare I had last night. It was a typical reoccuring dream for me where I worked at a hospital and some pschopath with claws(probably Freddy Krogger or something) was tryin to kill all the patients. Just your normal bad guy try to kill people dream but I liked it anyway. I always try to fight the guy and he always runs away. Maybe one night I'll catach him and teach him not to hurt people where I work but it's fun little nightmare.


Oct. 18th, 2000 07:23 am (UTC)
Re: Alright I'll tell ya my dream.
When Iwas a little kid, I had these two recurring night mares. One was about being chased by a giant turkey. I never could seem to run away from it. The other was about this mummy sneaking into our house and putting Hershey bars into the laundry so all the whites turned brown. I have no idea why that was so frightening but as a small child I would wake up crying about it. Mom called it my chocolate mummy dream. Anyway, I stopped having both dreams about 30 years ago, then last year, boom-boom. I had them both in the same night. Although I wasn't scared this time and they seemed pretty damned silly.

Wierd what the mind can dredge up after years.

Oct. 18th, 2000 07:35 am (UTC)
Re: Alright I'll tell ya my dream.
I can beat the turkey fear. When i was a little kid I use to run screaming out of the bathroom because I was positive the shower curtain wanted to kidnap me. Use to have crazy dreams that the Headless Horseman had moved from Sleepy Hollow and lived in my hallway closet too. I hated that house. I might just go bulldoze it this weekend for fun.


Oct. 18th, 2000 08:33 am (UTC)
Re: Alright I'll tell ya my dream.
Oh, I gotta tell ya this one. Somehow my brother deveoped this irrational fear of black bugs. I think it was because when we lived in Memphis growing up for a few years, there were these huge black spiders in the woodpile and he was always scared they would bite him. Anyway, he would talk in his sleep and keep me up all night so I would whisper "Look out, here comes the big black bug." and instantly, he would be awake. I know, it was pretty cruel but at least I could get some sleep. A few years later we moved to Los Angeles and the fear of constant earthquakes filled up our dreams, taking the place of bugs and turkeys.

Headless horesman huh? That's a good one. We lived in this house in Northern Virginia for awhile where I was convinced when I walked upstairs, someone with a sword was going to lean down and chop my head off.
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