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Christmas Nostalgia...

Sitting here in Dad's computer room wrapped in the warm cloak of nostalgia. The walls are covered with symbols of memories past. Many of Dad's awards from 30 years of service in the Marine Corps, his crossed swords, the globe and anchor and a photo of Mom, Joe and I standing by while a Three Star General pins on Dad's Lt. Colonel insignia when he was promoted. Pictures of Mom and Dad from their various travels. Plaques and ceritificates of all sorts commemorating Joe's and my accomplishments in school and Scouting including trophies from winning National Native American Cermonies Competitions.

I'm happy as a pup, remembering Christmases past and reflecting on today's events. We got up around 9 this morning, it was nice to sleep in. Dad and I were going to walk 4 miles but it was a bit cold for these North Carolina types so we settled for chopping and splitting some firewood and building a nice big fire in the fireplace. Mom made us a light breakfast of fruit and quick breads before we dove into the presents under the tree. For the record, my recent return to believing in the jolly old elf paid off. I saw him in dreams if not in the waking world. And he did eat the cheese, summer sausage and wassle we left out for him. He ought to have been warm with the wassle since I spiked it with a little Jack.

I got the honor (?) of being the one to hand out all the gifts while everyone else sat on their laurels and opened theirs. The folks had paid for my gas money out here so I knew I wouldn't get much but I was pleasantly surprised. Joe gave me this funny little camera that takes four pictures on one frame of film, all slightly later than the last one so you end up with something like a miniature movie on each frame. Pretty cool. The folks got me a nice new black button down shirt which I can use for work. They also got me socks with little Xmas trees and a tie with the bottom shapped like a Christmas tree. The big present was a set of bookends that must have cost a small fortune, They are that ceramic stone stuff they make all the little animal statues out of but they show a scene of two deer trying to steal apples from a barrel on the front porch of an old country store. The whole scene is covered with snow, pretty damned intricate.

I gave Joe his ring and necklace I made and Dad the fox photo I had framed since he adores foxes and I gave mom the Ruby and Tanzanite ring just like Deb's. They all loved their stuff. And we followed tradition and burned all the wrapping paper in the fireplace so we could see all the colored flames.

In the folk's neighborhood, each neighbor does the cooking for a different holiday. Mom and Dad have Halloween so we went over next door to Jim and Marion's for Christmas dinner. What a spread. These two are old country Italians who don't believe in people going away hungry. There was ham, turkey and Jim's lasagna and every side dish you could think of plus three different pies for desert and the chianti and chardonay were flowing freely. It was really nice company too as everyone dresses to the nines for these dinners. All the ladies were just beautiful. I suppose the men were pretty handsome as well but I didn't notice them as much.

Afterward, we went home and sat around stuffed for awhile. Built up the fire and kept warm and napped or read until we got hungry again. I made a big tray of divinity! Yum! Then we had another meal and sat around watching basketball and old westerns on TV until Dad wanted to check his email. He's finally surrendered the computer to me so I could do this update.

Yeasterday was really great. Lots of good family bonding. Dad, Joe and I went over to a freind's yesterday morning and helped them clear some old trees off thier land and carted home a bunch of firewood in the process. While we were working, three goats and a dog these people own came out to check us out. One goat grabbed my hat and tried to eat it...damned goat. Joe and I agreeed goats have earned thier reputation as looking like evil creatures. Then Mom gave Joe and I a shopping list. Of course being the guests we also got to be the sacrificial lambs to brave the crowds at Winn Dixie or Food Lion trying to find pimentoes and French fried onion rings and trying to escape unscathed. We did though and then we headed to the beach. The tide was out and the water was really calm and the temps were in the 50's. Joe and I got along less like brothers and more like good freinds. It was a very pleasant experince. We took pictures and gatherd shells and stones. We hiked in the dunes having fun until Joe impaled his leg on a prickly pear cactus which I had to pull out of his flesh. Now we know whay not too many people went hiking in the dunes. We walked under the piers and out on the rocks at Ft. Macon and got excellent pics of the sunset and were two of the few people on the beach. Then we took the groceries home and had a really nice ham dinner. Mom went all out. Round 11, we left for midnight mass, all decked out in suits and ties and dresses. I'm no longer Christian but I still enjoy the ceremony and ritual. It was nice that many of the carols were still sung in Latin I thought. Afterwards, we came home and set out food for Santa. Dad made these 15 wooden reindeer that he sets in differnt people's yards every night so people wake in the morning with a reindeer looking in their bedroom window. So we helped him move those into a line from our place to Jim and Marion's front door as if they were expecting dinner too. Then we nestled in all snug in our beds while visions of sugar plums danced in our heads.

It's been a great trip so far. The highlight has been my visit with Dragonfly. I was most pleasantly surprised. I've seen her pics on her website but they don't come close to doing her justice. She's truly an exquisite creature. Beautiful within and without and her husband Matt is a perfect compliment to her in wit and intelligence. They make a great couple. They invited me into their home and made me feel most welcome. I sat on the couch with Dragonfly and we just sort of flowed into conversation like old friends. The energy level in their house is extremely high, due not only to the temple and the spirits but also to the wonderful energy of these two people. Matt is truly a lucky man. The energy Dragonfly puts out is most powerful. I've no doubt she will be an extremely effective priestess. She and Matt gave me a great gift of freindship and affirming my faith in romatic realationships. Their love for each other was quite obvious in the ease with which they dealt with one another.

I was really hating to cut my time short with both of them but Joe was to be landing soon and I had to go. I hugged her and shook his hand and was off, into the cool Raliegh night. I got to the airport just after Joe's flight had landed and hooked up with him without having to go through all the metal detectors...Coool. On the 2.5 hour ride down to the folk's we caught up on each other's lives and listened to old 50's and 60's R and B stuff, arriving down here around 3 am.

Tomorrow it sounds as if the folks have plans for us though I don't know what or where. Then Wendesday it's back to Lexington for me although I think I'll go through Raliegh and try to catch my little Dragonfly freind again. I don't think I can go back to Illinois without another of her hugs. I took Brent out for dinner before going to see Dragonfly the other night but he and I will have fun for a day and a half. I think we will get down to Sea Grove so I can pick up some more presents for Deb and then we will head to Raliegh to see if we can catch up with one Cuddles and one Mystrys. Friday I head up to Lenoir for my audience with the Shawnee Chiefs.I need to get some gifts finished for them before then.

Well, I hope everyone else had as good a holiday as I have so far and hope you have an equally good New Year.

Peace and Love to everyone!



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Dec. 26th, 2000 05:57 am (UTC)
*Blushing furiously*

Wander, you're really, really, really much too kind. It was our honor and delight to have you visiting. I hope beyond anything that you get another chance before long. I was concerned that I was talking too much again, I felt like an excited puppy with too little time with which to talk to you!

I'm so glad you had a great holiday! Your visit was one of the most wonderful things that happened to us this year, and I hope it becomes a kind of tradition. :)

Thank you again for your friendship and kindness. :)
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