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Rebel Update

Last night the ball was taking a rest in it's escape. It was halfway down the hill and resting agaisnt a curb with no signs of pursuit. This morning it was gone. No ball in sight so I have to assume it made it's escape complete by cover of darkness. Good luck little guy, wherever you are!

I must appologize to anyone I promised to talk to online last night. Around 8:30, while in the midst of eating a pizza, I got a pretty nasty migraine. Aside from the pain and visual sensitivity, migraines have the after effects of 1) Making me completely scatterbrained and stupid and 2) wiping out my short term memory.

I've felt stupid most of the day and I just remembered I bought Strawberry ice cream and milk last night to make a milkshake that I never got to enjoy.

Apparently I did get 12 hours of sleep though it feels like someone beat me with an ugly stick in my sleep. I woke up at 7 am, naked in our bed not knowing how I got there with a bag of once-frozen vegetables under my neck. I later remembered taking a really hot shower and getting into bed and asking Deb for the frozen veggies in lieu of an ice pack so all is well. No kinky veggy sex went on last night.

It's Deb's 33rd birthday today so I may or may not be online tonight. Depends on how she feels.


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