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What's taters precious?

Whenever I travel, I try to buy a bulk item that is unique to wherever I land and bring it back either to sell or giveaway. It used to be when I lived in the Southwest, I'd buy 100 pounds of Red potatoes and 100 pounds of Hatch Anaheim Chillis and then drive to the East Coast where I would seel said items on the side of the road to make up my gas money and a little more. Then I'd buy a cooler full of shrimp right off the docks fo $1.99 a pound, pack it with lots of ice and drive like a bat out of hell back to the Southwest and sell it on the side of the road for $8.00 a pound to make back my gas money on the return. Used to work out very well like that.

So when I was in CO last week, I bought 100 pounds of red potatoes to bring back as gifts and some for us too. Only now I only have about 10 pounds left after all my relatives and friends got their greedy paws on them. Oh well. last night I roasted some of them with butter, fresh garlic and Texas Sweet Yellow Onions which I got out there as well. With Pork Chops and corn on the cob, (frozen from my garden over the summer) they made a delightful meal.

Friday on the way back from the airport we go a little turned around in Springfield even though I used to go to School there. Hey you forget the side streets when you don't frequent the place in over 6 years. I made the mistake with Deb in the van of saying, "Hey, I know where I am now, I used to turn down this street to get ot my old girlfriend's house!" I was actually just excited I finally recognized something but I bet she didn't hear it like that. She was already crabby from lack of food too. At least I resisted the temptation to announce that "The Gold Center" was where I had sold my wedding ring back in 94 after the divorce came through. I'm intelligent about half the time anymore.

I managed a bunch of brownie points in December. I took Deb's dad to CO to go Elk hunting. A life long dream of his. He did see elk but didn't kill any which is fine because his dream was just to go and see them. Another lifelong dream was to stand on top of the Continental Divide. I did him one better and we hiked side by side along the ridge as I showed him how to distinguish elk tracks from Mule deer. Plus I gained points with the ex-in-laws by having the balls to introduce them to my future father in law. Now he is trying to get them to come out to fish, hunt turkey and white tail deer.

The brownie points were proven over Xmas when he took me aside and pulled all his collector guns and knives out of the safe to show to me. Deb says he's never done that even with close friends. Yeah, I think I'm in with him.



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Dec. 30th, 2003 05:26 pm (UTC)
By red potatoes, do you mean the roundish ones with red skins? Those are region-specific? My dad used to grow them out in the back yard.

Now I know if I ever travel out of the southeast to take a bag of pecans with me to sell. Easy money? Sure!
Dec. 31st, 2003 07:10 am (UTC)
Depends on where you go but yeah it can work. If you go somewhere they also grow pecans probably not. Just learn to vacation in pecan-poor areas. Yeah, the reds are region specific as far as growing mass quantities that supply the nation with food. I mean they can grow anywhere but NC is not exactly known as the red potato capital of the US.


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