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Deb and I mostly sat around at the farm this weekend and played that awful and annoying edititon of Trivial Pursuit I mentioned earlier. I don't know if it's truly that we were remembering more from the last 20 years or we had just read enough of the questions that we were starting to memorize the answers (because I swear I don't know who Pablo Escobar is) but she actually beat me like 6 times in a row and the games did not last 6 hours each. I actually had several pie pieces each time too. I got kinda sick of playing it by the 8th time but it was good just spending time together and not having any other responsibilities.

I made some cherry divinity over the weekend which didn't exactly set up right. There's this rule in candy making that you don't make candy on cloudy days because it won't set up. Well Sunday was partly cloudy so I was hopingfor a break but I didn't get it and now I have a couple pounds of almost set up divinity. You pretty much have to eat it with a spoon but it tastes good.

Deb got an energy burst Saturday night and decided she wanted to cook for me for the first time since June of 2003. So she made fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and cornbread stuffing. Not quite as good as my aunt Peggy makes but pretty damned close. We had leftovers to eat for the next two days.

Got word on my Chevy S-10. It's not worth fixing which was about what I suspected. the rear main seal is completely shot so it's like pouring oil in and watching it run back out onto the ground which is not good for anyone. Plus it has a bad piston ring and oil is getting past and fouling the spark plug. So my analogy of it feeling like it was running on 5 cylinders is pretty accurate. The mechanic said if I wanted to carry extra plugs with me and change them everythime they got fouled I could but I don't. So I'm working on getting the Jetta in running shape again so I can drive it until March when I pay off my loan and can afford a real car payment. In the meantime, I'm driving one of the farm trucks, a 91 F-150 back and forth from Peoria to the farm and Deb's 92 Camry from the house to work each day. Basically there is nothing really wrong with the Jetta. I put a new transmission in right before I parked it three years ago. I just neglecte to keep the tank full and it got water in the gas and now the fuel line is frozen. So a can of HEAT later and next day we get that is above freezing all day, I'll get out there and get it started and start driving it. The heater does not work great but some cadboard in front of the radiator should give me enough heat to endure the mroning and evening commutes from the house to work and back.

I take Deb to the University of Iowa Medical Center on Sunday finally to get all her tests done. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Once again, her dad is letting us borrow his van to go up there. I have to remember to make hotel reservations this week. We figured out last week that the surge in hormones leading up to her period has a negative affect on her symptoms with the meds she is currently on. She could hardly sleep and was listless during the day for a week then suddenly her period starts and she can sleep and all is well. It will be a good thing to remember for the future.

Three of the bottles in the 50 bottle project have now been launched. The first one went Saturday from Duncan Mills on the Spoon river where my forebears landed circa 1837. The second one left from Ripley, IL on the La Moine River which is very near where my garndafather's family lived in the late 1800's and wherre I go catfishing quite a bit in the warm parts of the year. The third left yesterday on the Illinois River at Beardstown where my great, great grandfather, John R. Kinsey was emploeyed and subsequently lost his life on a riverboat in the late 1860's plying goods between St. Louis and Peoria. Hopefull someone downriver will find all of them and report back to me. I'll get the website and the maps up this week.

Deb and I were watching and episode of the Cosby show I think over the weekend where someone's old girlfriend comes into town and the character goes out for a meal with them despite his wife not having time to go. This sparked a conversation with Deb baou old relationships and I realized there were several people I'd like to just sit and catch up with sometime. Kate Griffin would be high on this list as we seemingly parted as friends.It would just be nice to catch up on things. I think she still lives in Los Lunas NM and is married now. Liz Elliott (up in Wyoming) would be another one I'd like to see. And April Campbell (who last I knew had married a dentist and moved to Phoenix) and Liz Nay (from New Jersey) and Valerie Mann and Diana Hoppe (from the Northern Virginia area).

This week is just going to see me trying to finish up the Illustrations and photos fro the AutoCAD book and getting ready to head to Iowa City.


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