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OK, so it's cold. It's Winter after all. I'm sorry the NE is getting hi so hard but so are we in the midwest. And once again, Hey, it's winter. And guess what, Winter has just started really. So you have a little less than two months of this stuff to look forward to. So there. We've hit our high temp of 9 degrees today. Yipee! As I get older, I care less and less about snow. Once good snowfall a winter is fine with me and then as far as I'm concerned, it can rain the rest of the winter and we'll get our moisture from that. For now, I have the 4wd big ugly heavy farm truck so I'm OK with driving in the snow, but it's still a pain. Rain is much better.

Anyway, We were at University of Iowa Medical Centers on Monday and basically they confirmed what we thought all along. 1) the tests Deb has taken so far were the wrong ones to take.
2) Her doctors should have done more extensive testing so they had hard data to back up a diagnosis, rather than prescibing drugs in a hit-or-miss effort to try and treat one or more symptoms.
3) Of the two meds she is now on, at least one is completely useless and may be affecting the effectiveness of the one that might be doing some good.

So now we are awaiting clearance from her GP and the HMO to have a tilt-table test done and then have her hospitalized to do a 72 hour video EEG so they can both see and measure what is going on when she has her episodes. So now we are just waiting again.

Other than the hospital visit where the resident did more in 15 minutes than 6 doctors down here have done since July, we had a nice room at the Day's Inn for a good price though we didn't sleep much because the bed was too hard. We found a really good Mexican restaurant that had the best fried ice cream. Dude, it had coconut, raisins and pineapple in it!

Yesterday before we left, we went up to the Amana Colonies (Amish) and had breakfast. Family style which means all you can eat of about a dozen different breakfast things. They just keep bringing it out as you ask for it. For the two of us it was less than $20 and the service was outstanding.

After breakfast, we shopped around the little stores. We were about the only ones in town except for the Amish because of the snow storm the previous night. We stopped at the butcher shop and got 2 punds of smoked pork chops which we fixed up last night with mashed potatoes and gravy. PORK FAT RULES! I got a bunch of homemade horehound, anise and sassafrass candies which I like to suck on in the winter for my throat. These are the good ones, made from herbal teas rather than from artifical flavors. W went to the tea and coffee store and I bought some reduced caffeine red/white/green tea which is excellent. I've started drinking more red tea for the antioxidants and I found this South African Honeybush tea. I've never tasted the like. It is so smooth is is almost naturally sweet. Very nice tea. I'm drinking a cup right now.

We had a nice drive home. The roads were getting cleared but there were some really bad spots where the road was lower than the surrounding fields and there was a lot of drifting going on. Not a lot of fun but oh, well, you just slow down and everything will be OK. We are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. If it wants to snow, I'm hoping for Peoria to declare a Snow Emergency so we can get out of work tomorrow. A day of sitting at home and eating popcorn which watching movies would suit me fine right now.

I may have found a buyer for my old, near-death S10 and if so, I'll get rid of it this weekend. Then the weekend project will be to get my Jetta running once more. I'm going to buy one of those forced-air construction heaters so I can heat the garage and thaw out my frozen fuel line. Then I'll fill it up with premium to clean everything out and figure out what else needs fixing so I can drive it a few months until I can afford a newer truck. Deb's dad is looking for something for me so I may do a little shopping this weekend myself.

Well an hour and a half more of work then home to cook something. I've not figured out just what I'll cook yet. Maybe snow crab legs. Yeah, dipped in melted butter. That sounds good!


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