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Where were you

Sorta nabbed from warren_s's journal.

On the Anniversayr of the Columbia explosion -

Where were you when...

The Shuttle Columbia Exploded?

At the farm for the weekend working on my car.

The WTC Collapsed?

Well right after the first plane hit, I had just crossed over War Memorial Drive on Prospect Avenue headed into Peoria Heights. I heard it on Rock 106. I called Deb on the cell and told her to turn on CNN and see what was up. I got to work and watched the whole thing as it took place on our little TV in the office. Then I kept checking circlek's LJ all day for updates.

The Shuttle Challenger Exploded?

In the bar of Texas Red's Steakhouse in Red River, NM trying to convince the bartender to let me drink because my 21st birthday was just over a month away.

John Lennon was shot?

I was at swimming practice. My friend Eric Franklin and I heard the news over the radio in the locker room. We both started to cry being huge Beatles fans and left practice to go home and listen to The White Album over and over again. I was 15 at the time.

John Belushi died?

Hey, it was a biggie for me. He died the night before my 17th birthday. I was home with a few friends watching MTV when the report came on. I've never really enjoyed Saturday Night Live since then.

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?

I was 4. My little brotehr had been born not too long ago and I was with my dad at a track meet in Memphis.

The Soviet Union disolved?

I was living in NC and I heard it on the radio as I drove through rural Davie County setting up Boy Scout Troops.

Dessert Storm began?

I was due to attend a Boy Scout Commissioners meeting in Lexingon, NC but stayed home a little longer to watch the cool night vision fireworks on TV.

Nixon resigned?

I was in my classroom, "The BeeHive" in a public school in Santa Anna, California. I was 9 and all the teachers were very excited because it was something that had never happened before. I just wanted to play with some clay.

Martin Luther King was assassinated?

We were actually living in Memphis at the time. Living on a military base. I can remember all the adults standing outside crying. I was 3 but I remember that well.

Berlin Wall fell?

We were still cleaning up fom the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in the Piedmont of NC. I heard about the wall coming down on my way into a staff meeting in High Point, NC. I walked in and said, "Hey, the Berlin Wall just fell!" To which the other Mark replied, "I didn't know it was even leaning."

I'm sure there are lots more but I'm not thinking of them at the moment.



Feb. 2nd, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
I think the Challenger thing was annouced in schools because of the whole "Teacher in Space" thing associated with that and lots of schools had tuned in to watch the launch and there were supposed to be televised reports of the differnt tests and things people sent up with the teacher and all.


Feb. 2nd, 2004 12:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah... that makes a lot of sense; I'd never really thought of it that way. I remember one of my favourite teachers from that school from the look on her face from that day. I don't think I considered teachers to be real, fallible humans until then.


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