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Weekend Stuff

OK so last Saturday Rob and I got the old engine out of the truck. This weekend we got the newer engine in the truck. Of course nothing wanted to fit right and we had to remove the transmission and in doing so caused transmission oil to drain out onto each of us..and not just a little either. But it's mostly all back together now.

I jsut need a couple of things. A new serpentine belt. A new transmission mount and some little coolant sensor thingy that we broke off and neither of us has a clue what it does or what it controls..but I'll find one and screw it back in anyway. Of course we still don't know if the new engine runs but we will find out this coming Saturday. In the meantime it is taking up all the space in the garage that it can.

This coming Saturday, we have to reattach the drive shaft, put back all the pulleys, pumps and motors like the alternator and Air conditioner. Luckily the new one came with a water pump because that thing is a bitch to replace. And we have to reconnect the exhaust manifolds and change the oil and filter. And then I will essentially have a new truck...if it works. But still the $600 I have spent doing this myself is a savings of over $1000 to get someone else to do it and thousands more in buying a new truck.

So the next step then after the repair is to somehow get rid of my 88 Jetta and buy a mid to late 90's diesel Jetta. I used to have an 80's model diesel Jetta and it got over 50 mpg. And as I can repair alomost everything that goes bad on a Volkswagen myself, I'm going that direction. Then I will have a decent mileage truck and an exceptionally good mileage car that I can fit other people besides me in.

In other news, the folks are here to bug me for two weeks but no fights as of yet.




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