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Doing the Happy Dance Today!

"Good Mornin America How Are You? Say Don't You Know Me, I'm Your Native Son...."

Man I feel good today. Yesterday Invisibella posted the Pisces horoscope for this month and it was filled to the brim with nothing but good stuff for us fishy people. It seems it has already started to come true. I can't beleive I'm happy about this one but it's actually warming up a little bit. Temps between 31 and 39 today which doesn't sound like much but with close to 3 feet of snow and temps hovering around 0 for the past 3 weeks, 35 degrees seems like time to put on shorts and dive into the snow. The warming temps have cause a lift in my spirits and Deb was happy to see me doing little happy dances all over the house last night and this morning. The warming temps have also allowed my car to start which is a huge relief to me. Deb won't have to drive me around now. It hadn't wanted to start since December 19 and it was parked in front of the house. The city of Peoria released a statement Tuesday that all cars that had not been moved along the snow routes were going to be towed in 10 days so I was really hoping I could get it started. It's running like a champ now. Such a load off my mind.

The hooroscope said a big wish would come true this month. i hope the car wasn't it. I hope it's in the area of financial security. Hmmm the lottery is up to $35 mil this week. I guess this little fish will be playing. Actually, I'd be happy with matching five numbers for the $100,000. I'm not too greedy but if the $35 mil came my way, I wouldn't sneeze at that either. I could give Brad some money to really get LJ in order so we didn't experience the slowness we did yesterday. Mind you I'm not bitching because I'm not paying for it yet.

Lots I could do with that kind of bread though even the $100 K would give me financial stability. It's a scary thing not being solvent in the face of a possible recession as I'm sure I'm not the only out there in this condition.

Oh well. Back to just being happy and feeling good about the freinds and things I do have.




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