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The kite of which I speak of flying at the party is actually called a Scott's Sled. When we lived in Orange County, CA in the early 70's there was this yearly kite flying contest. Don't ask me where it took place. I didn't pay attention to such things back then. But this one year we built 4 kites. All Scott's sleds. 2 were relatively small being only 4 feet tall. One was 8 feet tall and one was 16 feet tall. The small ones, my brother and I could handle of we braced ourelves against a fence. Otherwise they had a tendency to drag you across the ground. The 8 foot one we had attached to a deep sea fishing rod with 400 lb test fishing line for string. You had to strap yourself into a deep sea fighting rig to handle it. My little brother (5 years old at the time) wanted desperately to try it so Dad hooked him up and let him go. The kite had about 500 yards of line out at the time and as soon as Dad let go, it picked my brother up ten feet in the air and started to carry him away. The only thing that saved him from becoming a permanent part of the cosmos was a tree at the end of the field where he became entangled. He thought it was fun. My Mom would not have thought so had she seen it.

The 16 foot kite took six large Marines to handle. The kite string was 3/8 inch triple strand rope and they were all straining to stay in one place while flying it. We got the 8 footer up so high we could barely see it and the local airfield called and said they could see it on radar and we woul have to bring it down so it wouldn't interfere with air traffic.

It's the 8 footer I plan to build for the party so if anyone wants to experience flying without an airplane, come on out.

*note - You might think my Dad was a little reckless letting my brother try this but Dad was always one for letting us learn from experience. Kinda like the time when we were 20 miles off the coast of NC and a big sea turtle surfaced. I wondered out loud what it looked like from underneath, so Dad tossed me overboard so I could see firsthand.



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