Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Strange Happenings

Last night while Deb and I were watching our recorded episode of Deadwood, this crappy looking 70's model Chevy Impalla pulls up in front of our house. This was around 11 pm. Our neighborhood is very quiet. Mostly middle aged families and older people. Our neighbors and us being the notable exceptions. Deb and I rent and I think we are the only renters on the block but we've also been there for 5 years, longer than at least two of our neighbors. In the evenings, people mow their lawns or go walking their dogs or pushing baby strollers up and down the street. People take care of their lawns and their houses and are genrally friendly too each other. It's a nice place to sit out at night and just watch the sky. So when unusual things happen, people take notice.

So this Impalla pulls up in front of our house like they own the place. Deb and I notice because we have the front door open to capture some of the cool evening breeze. The driver (whom I couldn't tell if it was male of female) gets out, wearing a black tank top. Opens the back door and stats rumaging around in a bunch of crap stored in the back. I could see in the car's interior light, stacks of newspaper and old blankets. At first I thought it was some homeless person who was going to park and sleep for the night. But they grab what could have been a purse and stuff something into it, slam the door and start walking rather unsteadily up the street to where it intersects with Prospect Avenue.

My current TV faire rubbed off on me I guess, because the first words out of my mouth were "Why do all the wierd ass cocksuckers gotta park in front of our house?"

I had to run up to Walgreens anyway to buy some Totally Toffee Ice Cream so I decided to go right then. As I backed out of my driveway, I stopped and got out a pen and wrote down info on the car. Crappy blue with a white top. Big dent in the passenger side trunk., 4 doors. Back seat filled with crap. License plate, Illinois 682 2121 (which could actually be a phone number around here). Trunk not shut and the handle of a lawnmower sticking out.

I guess it may be a little of my city paranoia showing up but at that hour, all the businesses on Prospect are closed. There is almost no traffic on Prospect. So if a person had a legitimate reason for being there, why not park in front of the house or business of the person or persons you are there to see? Automatically my mind starts saying, "Drug deals, robbery, stalker."

By 1 a, when I went ot bed, the car was gone and jsut a big oil spot was left where it had been parked. I heard no sirens or alarms but at least I have the information written down should something suspicious happen. Yeah, I know I'm paranoid.

So this morning, I'm going through my normal routine of walking up to the gas station to get Deb a cup of coffee and then letting Jake out to go in his kennel. I start to take his water bucket out there and notice something moving in the straw I use for bedding. Several somethings actually. I had Jake down at the farm for the last two weeks while my folks were here so in that time, some critter must have crawled in and had a litter in there. I would think, with the Dog smell, nothing would have wanted to go in there, but it may have appeared safe at the time. Problem was I had Jake in there all day yeasterday without thinking about it so either he or something else mortally wounded two of the five little somethings.

I knew I shouldn't touch them so I got a gardening glove on and as gently as I could, picked up the three remaining babies along with all the straw around them, (so the glove did not actually touch the babies) and put them all in a box which I set in the shade outside the kennel for Momma to find if she was going to come back. However, since she didn't come back all night when Jake was not in the kennel, I didn't hold out much hope. Lately the rabbits in our yard have been multiplying like ....well, like rabbits so they may well be baby rabbits. It's kind of hard to tell at this stage as they are only about 4 inches long and their eyes are still closed. To me their ears look to short to be rabbits but maybe their ears will grow. The tail looks right, just a little stub. They have the beginnings of grey fur. I don't know, I've killed wild rabbit nests before with my tractor when mowing. It's ievitible in the tall grass, you just can't see everything. But they end up in pieces so it's kind of hard to tell what they look like whole and I don't hink I've ever seen baby rabbits that young before. I may have signed their death warrants by putting them out in a box in the shade where every predator can see them but it's really the only thing I could do besides bringing them in and trying to raise them myself. But with three cats and a dog that would not be really feasible. So I can just hope Mama comes back. I'll check on them at lunch time but like I say, I don't hold out a lot of hope. I think they've been abandoned so I hope that Spirit does something with them soon, either way.


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