March 28th, 2006


I'm back

After a red eye and a dawn flight I'm back. Can't say I'm very much awake. It was a bittersweet homecoming. On the one hand I'm glad to see Deb but on the other I'm sad to leave loved ones behind whom I won't see for a year. And people who I just met and would like to know better. I was in the office today and first thing had a funeral to attend. I spent the day getting reorganized and editing Seattle pix. So tomorrow I'll start posting some. But I do have to post this sweet little number of duskfrog in drag for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

There were mean people on the plane from Seattle to Chicago and then some more mean people at the funeral service today. The people on the plane (two twenty something student athletes returning from Spring Break to a school down south) were insulting some girl about her nose piercing. Little did they know she was seated just two aisles away and was hearing the whole convo. I was able to look right into her eyes and see the pain there. Then the couple who sat behind me at the funeral service. They were commenting on my pony tail, "Oh that looks just awful, he should get that cut!" Did they think I couldn't hear them when they were right behind me? On the flight in I was reading Wallace Black Elk, Sacred Ways of a Lakota where he was talking about how especially during a pipe ritual if a bad thought about someone else came into your ear you should let it go out the other ear and not let it come out of your mouth or it would come back to you twice as bad. I think a few people have some bad karma waiting out there for them.