April 4th, 2006


Stupid Quotes

It's pretty telling when you can type in a Google search for "Stupid quotes by Rod R. Blagojevich" and come up with pages upon pages of information. He's our governor (D) here in Illinois in case you didn't know. No I didn't vote for him. In fact I specifically voted against him. Mostly because of his stance on gun ownership. That the way to stop crime is to disarm everyone. He actually said once that Citizens have no legitimate reason to own guns. In his campaign bid for governor he proposed rasing the cost of a Firearms Owners IDentification (FOID) card from $5 to $500. Luckily everyone in Illinois that owns guns for legitimate purposes like hunting cried foul and he quickly dropped that from his campaign. He has however stayed on the gun-ban bandwagon.

This week he sent a letter to Republican frontrunner Judy Barr Topinka asking for her support on a bill to ban assault rifles and concealed weapons in Illinois. He asked her in the letter to influence other Illinois Republicans to vote for the bill so it would pass. Judy ain't no dummy. She knows where her downstate votes will be coming from come election time.

He's like Dan Quayle and Al Gore rolled into one. He thought the Daily Show was a legitimate news program. Seriously. He was surprised when their "reporter" started asking him off the wall questions. He actually turned to someone off camera and asked them if "these questions are legit. Or is this guy teasing me?"

He refuses to live in the governor's mansion in Springfield. Instead he lives in Chicago and so not only do we as taxpayers pay for the upkeep of the mansion that no one lives in. But we also pay for the upkeep of his home in Chicago and his travel expenses to travel to the city where he is supposed to reside.

He appointed Louis Farrakhan's chief of protocol to serve on his Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes. Four members of that commission resigned after that appointment. And most recently he made a quote that makes him sound even more moronic than usual. This was on March 20 during the NCAA Mens Basketball championship when Bradley University (from here in Peoria) made it to the Sweet 16 for the first time in over 50 years. Bradley was facing some heat from the NCAA over their use of the word Braves as their team name and mascot. Just as the University of Illinois uses the name Fighting Illini and a mascot known as Chief Illiniwek. Blagojevich said essentially that people should concentrate their efforts to ban offensive team names in Major League Baseball and leave Bradley alone. Hello Rod, you should see how many other college teams who play a variety of sports have changed their team names to less offensive titles.

All I can say is "keep on talking Rod. Everytime you open your mouth you give people another reason to vote you out."