November 20th, 2008


The curse

The family curse regarding traveling and car repairs has apparently moved down a generation. I'm waiting to get my car back so I can leave on my trip. Guess I should have just lived with the noise caused by decayed exhaust manifold gaskets. That got repaired, the oil changed and the error codes cleared out of the computer brain but when I went to pick it up, it wouldn't start. Now they are thinking a starter relay might have gotten fried. But guess what? It started just fine when I took it in. So Mr Mark won't be paying for this part of the repair.

So those expecting me down the road - -I'll be on my way as soon as I can.



The new boss asked me what kind of computer I'd like to work with. I've always had jobs where you had to be budget conscious but she seemed willing to let me have a bit of a perk here. So I said a Mac with a good sized monitor and she said, order what you want. I don't want to break the bank but I want to be practical so I think I'll get a 15 inch Macbook Pro for when I'm traveling and either a 23 or 30 inch monitor for when I'm doing office work. Plus I'll get the newest Adobe Creative Suite. I start December 8. New Boss said she had some fun things planned. I'm liking this job already.


New Profile page

"The design team put hundreds of hours into this redesign, with a marathon three rounds of beta testing"


Because if you were working for me and you told me you'd put hundreds of hours into that piece of crap, you'd find yourself looking for a new job.

But then I'm not on the strategic vision team for LiveJournal. I guess the wave of the future is returning to simplistic crap from the early years of the Internet.