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A couple of updates on my life, not on the Ebay debacle.

Over the weekend while filling the tires on the tractor with air, I discoved a snake had crawled into the inner workings of the motor on the air compressor. Needless to say it was a dead snake. But I pulled it out and it's nearly petrified into two or three perfect little coils where it was wrapped around the parts of the motor. I'm taking it as a good sign that snake has entered the role of totem for me at least temporarily.

For those of you health concious folks out there that have a hard time with sugar. I'm going to take a crack at growing Stevia. You know that herb that's 300 time sweeter than sugar? We'll see how it goes. If I get a good crop, I'd be happy to send some of the leaves out to people to experiment with.

If you are planning to attend the party this weekend at my place, it's going to start around 3 pm Saturday. Let me know if you need sleeping accomodations. The fireworks show is going off just after dark. Food includes 3 kinds of freshwater fish. Probably catfish, bass and bluegill. Maybe some crappie thrown in for good measure. Corn on the cob, pasta salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, pie and cake for dessert. We also plan to make home made ice cream. We are asking for a small donation ($5) to help defray the cost of the fireworks this year since we are providing all the food ourselves. We are looking to spend around $600 on the fireworks show. Ought to be a nice one.

Last but not least, my friend Robbie the postman is coming home from his vacation to Alabama today. It's not been a very good vacation for him. The night before he was to leave, he and some other friends of mine decided to get drunk. Not an uncommon thing for a Friday night in a small midwestern town. Now Robbie is a biker. has owned several Harleys and has been riding for over 20 years and has never had to lay his bike down even once. Rough looking fellow with lots of tattoos. Until recently had the requisite biker bitch wife to ride on the back. But like many bikers, just nice as can be and would do anything for you. So this next part is really ironic. The drunks get the bright idea to see if they can pedal around on some BMX bikes owned by some neighborhood kids who left them in his yard. Mostly they were laughing at each other's inability to balance on the little bikes. Laughing that is until Robbie takes a header over the handlebars and hits the pavement with his face.

He just laid there while the others broke out laughing, thinking he was faking being hurt. Well he wasn't faking. He was out cold. They didn't really start to worry until they saw the pool of blood start forming around his face. Then my other friend Rob went and got Gwen, his wife who was a nurse. They got him back to his house and got him concious. They packed his face with ice and tried to get him to go tothe hospial but of course he wouldn't go. He said it was just some bruising and he would be alright. So the next day, he and his daughter drive to Alabama for vacation. He gets down there and his face starts to swell and his sister insists he go to the hospital. It was a good thing she did because what did they find out in the emergency room?

Two broken cheekbones, broken nose, a punctured sinus cavity and a bruised eye socket. So you want to see what all that mess looks like the next day? Here It Is!

Pretty gruesome eh? The next day he went in for reconstructive surgery and on the way to the hospital (which of course is out of his HMO network) the engine in his car throws a rod and he has to have he engine replaced. This is getting to be a costly vacation by now. Tomorrow he has to go down to Springfield and have more reconstructive surgery done, I'd say we are down a man from our fireworks team for the summer. What do you think?

We were nice and did a chalk outline on the street where he fell and even spray painted the bloodstain red so it will be a lasting memorial to his face.


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