March 17th, 2009


Getting on with life

I've got a massage today after canceling it twice for being sick. Have I said lately how much I love my massage therapist? Well I'm getting on with life. I stopped taking the meclizine though i carry one in my pocket just in case. What I figured out was it's primary purpose is to relax you and by that I mean so relaxed you are almost prone so you don't get nervous about vertigo and wierd noises in your ears. Plus it keeps the motion sickness at bay a bit. But it does nothing to address the inner ear stuff that is causing the problem. So I was tired all the time and it was messing with my digestive tract. I found a homeopathic temporary cure that at least addresses putting the liquid in your inner ear back in balance for a bit. It's called VertiFree. I'm going to try it and see if it works. Otherwise, I'm just ignoring most of the symptoms and going on.For some period each day, I get the feeling that the room is moving around me and my keyboard looks like it's mounted on a downhill surface. Sometimes I get a loud ringing in my ears. But after a few days, that becomes your usual state and you learn to ignore it. Although I'm still walking a little funny. No one has accused me of being drunk in a few days. It does feel like it's getting better day by day. Last week, the first time i drove in 2 weeks, backing out of the driveway made me have to stop and catch my breath because you get this sensation that as you go backward, a strong wind is blowing at your back. Makes you kinda sick you know? But today I was speeding down the interstate in the fast lane going 80 and listening to loud 80's hair metal with not too many problems. You don'treally wantto look in your rear view at cars switching lanes much though. Not a pretty picture.

I just rescheduled the vacation I was supposed to be on this week. I didn't really want to see what flying would do to an inner ear problem. So April 11-19, I will be in a and around Eugene, Oregon up to Seatlle. Planning to stay mostly with nayrene but know I want to visit with duskfrog when I'm in Seattle. So If there are other folks in that area who'd like a visit, please let me know and I'll work it out.

By the way, I met the lovely nayrene on Facebook. She's a pretty cool chick so friend her if you like.

I'm on Facebook quite a bit if you'd like to friend me there. I'm under Mark A. Dierker. You've got an even chance of chatting with me there throughout the day if that's your thing.

I'm headed to Dubuque tomorrow for the day to see the people who report directly to me and take a few meetings. Then I'll check on the farm which Ive not done in three weeks, tomorrow night. Then Friday, I'm taking off for NC for a fast trip to attend the Shawnee Spring Council meeting and see my cousin Johnnie have is naming ceremony. He will be Blue Fox from now on. A member of the Wolf Clan like me. Pitures will follow and if I get a chance tonight, I'll post pics of my trip to San Francisco last month.