May 20th, 2009


Start Seeing Motorcycles

Every morning on the way into work, I cross beneath a big ole flashing highway sign that says, Start Seeing Motorcycles!" and if I'm far enough away still it changes to "Share the Road with motorcycles". To which I always think. "OK, I'll share the road if they start acting like everyone else on the road."

I'm reminded of a piece of advice given me by my dear old dad long ago. "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something."

If motorcyclists would heed this advice, I'd be much more willing to treat them like other motorists. For example.

1) Just because your bike can go much faster than most of the cars on the road doesn't mean you should. It makes the rest of us nervous.

2) Just because you can pass between cars, trucks and large semi tractor trailers while riding right on top of the dotted white lane marker, does not mean you should. More often than not this makes the rest of us cut the wheel to try and avoid you and that makes us nervous.

3) Just because you can easily ride on the shoulder of the road and go around the big nasty traffic jam that the rest of us have to sit in for hours, doesn't mean you should. It pisses the rest of us off and if we ever find you we will kill you.

4) Just because you can act like a asshole and weave from side to side in the lane ahead of me as if it were a slalom course, doesn't mean you should. It's impossible for those behind you to know if you will speed up, slow down or change lanes and we might get too close.

In short, if motorcyclists will start acting like other drivers and act accordingly, it would be much easier to give them the respect they are asking for.