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Deb got me the movie Dogma for Christmas. Something kind of ironic about that. Every time I see it I get a little more out of it. Kevin Smith is a genius and I dearly hope he never stops making movies. He's genius on the lines of Spike Lee and Quentin Tarrantino who will forever have a popular cult following but will never be even nominated for an Academy Award. Sometimes life just sucks like that.

On other fronts, Deb's absent-of-late mother came over last night. Actually she was there when I got there so it's good Deb signaled me when I hit the door or I might have said something nasty like "Has the old bitch shown up yet?" or something equally damning. She has her good points but sometimes the bad points far outweigh the good ones.

She was nice last night. She brought over my Christmas present. A wool scarf and polar fleece vest. Very thoughtful and very useful actually so I toned down my surliness toward her for last night. We got her to agree to come over for dinner next week and bring all the family tree stuff and pictures so I can scan them and Deb will have the proof she needs of her Native heritage so she can be adopted by the Shawnee.

On my own search for Native bloodlines, I posted to family tree sites on both Mom and Dad's sides of the family asking questions. Having a huge family can be good and bad sometimes. Good because it opens up a world of possibilities for ancestry and bad because it can make things damned hard to find.

Mom's side of the family is one of those that every kid ever born insisted on getting married and having at least 10 kids so there are all these cousins and great uncles and stray branches of the family running around. My mom's immediate family has 9 brothers and sisters. Most of them had at least 3 kids so I have 21 first cousins. Many of them are my age or older and have kids so I have 21 second cousins. And that's not even mentioning all the great aunts and uncles and their families. In all, there are over 400 members of Mom's family in the state of Illinois alone. Plus, as I mentioned before, every generation had huge numbers of kids so I've got ton's of cousins once removed because four generations ago, our great, great grandfathers were brothers. And that adds another few hundred members to the list. Dad's side is just as bad beacuse he was adopted. Dierker was not his real last name. It's his biological mother whose house I live in now so he has 6 adopted sisters and their families plus all his blood relatives so there is another 300 in Illinois alone.

Well, I got back a response on Mom's side as to the Native American query. Seems there may be a connection about 5 generations back so if I can document it, I'll have my proof...Yeah!

Well, I'm trying to get my head to come back from NC so I can get back into my book project. I need to set up a bunch of photo shoots and put some people to work and spend some money on props and things.

And since LJ will probably be burping later on today, I'll wish everyone a great weekend now. I'm heading to the farm but likely I'll have work to do on the vehicles. I know I have to replace a wheel on the tractor so I can move some of this snow out now that it seems to be melting some. And tomorrow I have to go over to my late uncle's house and help my cousin move some stuff to get ready for the auction. I'll try to post over the weekend.




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