July 22nd, 2014


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Christ on a cracker...it was March when I last posted to LJ. What's wrong with me? Well I've had cellulitis for over a month for one thing. And I've been storm chasing every chance I get since April. Oh yeah and an epic journey to the West and Northwest in April. And owning a TARDIS has taken up a good chunk of time. I've gotten several photos in galleries and juried shows around the US including nudes in a museum in TN, 2 galleries in Los Angeles and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Happy to say most of them have sold as well.

The TARDIS keeps going through modifications. We just got back from taking it to Louisville, TN, where we did a fundraiser to help out a family in need of covering medical expenses for their two youngest. That was a lot of fun. This weekend we are setting it up inside our local library which should be a blast and next weekend it goes to a local rock festival that benefits a camp for disabled kids.


A young cousin of mine recently passed away. 27 is young to me. Leukemia is an awful word.

And I'm hitting the road again in August. My annual trip to NM and CO. I'll be visiting with my grandfather who is turning 90 as well as my ex-inlaws up in CO and some newfound friends in Amarillo. Hopefully I'll run into a few storms as well.