December 30th, 2020


So I don't miss another year

A friend sent me an email to remind me I hadn't posted in a year and wondering if I was still out there. Yes, I am. Like so many of us, 2020 has been a shit storm of a year. I managed to keep an art gallery open for a year in Dubuque, IA amid the pandemic. And I'm now the primary person in charge of it. I'm in the midst of remodeling the 20 x 65' space to fit my needs and I'm hopeful it will become a moneymaker in the new year.

I've had to get 3 Covid tests this year and had to isolate for 2 weeks twice now. I'm pretty careful about precautions. I'm not an anti-masker at all. But I'm also not going to stop living and stay inside all the time. Mostly the course of my life does not bring me in contact with other people so I don't have much fear of contracting or spreading disease. The two instances where I had to isolate were a result of others not following the rules. 

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