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For the record

I didn't want to do it in the first place and I told her so. I didn't want to drive the truck into the back yard at my late Uncle's house but my cousin bitched so much about it that I finally gave in...with predicatable results. The weather had been above freezing for two days and things were starting to melt, so I knew the ground would be getting soft, at least on the grass layer. Rob and I had been over earlier to pick up an upright freezer and ancient refrigerator and take them over to another aunt's house. My Uncle's two daughters are trying to sell the house an possesions and are considering and auction. So Dad offered to buy several things. Of course I had to actually go and do all the work and put up with my cousin all day. I told Rob she was flake and after we got out with the appliances, he agreed with me.

Anyway, I had to go back later to pick up a roto-tiller nad some canning supplies and such. Cousin Bev wanted me to drive through the back yard to the shed to get the tiller. I told her it would be easier to just dig a path from the garage to the shed and wheel the tiller out front, but she bitched about it being too heavy and the snow too deep to do that. Now this is a city girl telling me the best way to do things. I told her the grond was too soft but if she wanted to guide me around the pitfalls, I'd do it. And of course, she guided me right into a pitfall and I got the back wheel off in a depression and got stuck since there was no wieght on the back end.

Of course she instantly forgot it was her idea to drive back there in the first place and started bitching about how i was tearing the yard up trying to get unstuck. So I was out there for 3 hours with Bev and Deb trying to help me get unstuck. Deb took pity on me and she could see I mad a murderous gleam in my eye for Bev. Eventually, to ladies from next door came over and we put Deb behind the wheel and managed to push out with Bev bitching the whole time about the yard. Under her breath, one of the other ladies said, Fuck the yard, lets get the damn truck out. I told her, also under my breath that I would have been able to get out hours ago had Bev not been out there bitching about hte yard every time I started getting some traction.

I thanked the ladies as they left and Deb and I helped Bev throw some snow over the ruts. Not that ruts would really matter to someone who sincerely was interested in buying the house. Everyone around here realizes that when the rains come in the spring, everything getts smoothed out anyway. And with this much snow on the ground things are bound to be a little mushy.

Bev was still bitching about it when Gwen, Rob and I went back over yesterday. I finally told her, she should realize who was helping her get rid of all this stuff and shut the hell up. Maybe not quite that harsh, but she shut up after that.

For the most part, the whole weekend was spent moving shit and I didn't get much else done. Peggy gave me an apple pie and a plate of shortbreads fresh out of the oven. That was the high point of the weekend.

Sunday I got back to the farm and Deb had left back to Peoria already. I was looking forward to a few hours of quiet laziness to myself before I had to head back too. Jake the Dog and I went out and got the new wheel on the tractor so it's ready to go for more snow. Jake actually barked at the tractor. That' s only the second time in his 6 year life I've ever heard him bark. The last time was at a stump...wierd dog. That was all the work I was willing to do yesterday afternoon. I went back in the house and boiled the sassafrass root for some tea and ate some pie. I sat down in front of the TV to watch X-Men on Pay Per View. Then the phone began a non-stop barrage of ringing. Deb called to say she was home and asked if I would bring home toilet paper and beer. Gwen called to tell me about an antique she just got. Dad called to ask how the moving went. So finally when the poor telemarketer from MCI caled, I'd had enough. I cussed him up one side and down the other. It was a good rant and I remember actually saying, "Sunday nights are when families sit down and do stuff together, hell, I could have been sitting here watching a porno tape and jerking off, but the point is, the last thing I want on a Sunday evening is a call from some snot-nosed little fucker at MCI!"

I'm starting to sound like Cuddles!

Checked the mailbox as I was leaving and found I got a pound of amethyst in the mail. I've got it soaking now and ready to be cleaned up. Nice stuff too. Also, just before leaving, I found a coon or possum had gotten into a bag holding some duck and goose wings and left feathers all over the garage. I cleaned up most of them but some of the little fluffies are still scatered about. I'll have to ask the possum under the garage who is responsible. If they need food, they just need to ask. I was saving those feathers for something special and I wanted to try to keep one of the wings intact. I'll have to asses the complete damage when I'm over Tuesday night before the special full moon meditation.

I gotthe rest of the NC piux back and I'll post some later today or tonight.

I've got to get out of here this morning as I have a photo shoot to organize and I need to go buy some props.




Jan. 8th, 2001 12:40 pm (UTC)
And you were concerned about me? I'm so sorry you had such a crappy weekend. I was wondering why you hadn't really been posting the past couple of days. *hug*

Here's to hoping it gets better through the week!
Jan. 8th, 2001 12:40 pm (UTC)
For once I was actually looking forward to coming back to work on Monday!

Thanks for the concern!




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