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I'm Baaaack

Well I've actually been back over a week but have been catching up on work and daydreaming. Seriously I catch myself daydreaming about NM at least once an hour and when I snap back to present reality, I can still smell pinion gum and juniper berries and sage and the sweet smell of rain on the desert.

The jewelry is selling well at the gallery. I took extra supplies with me and each night in the hotel rooms, I made more stuff. I was empowered by being on vacation and I made 22 new pieces in just a few days and gave them all to the gallery. These were the last two I did.

Here is a piece I made right before I left with beads gifted to me by aronal. Connemara marble from Ireland and silver covered pewter beads in a Celtic pattern. It sold the day it got to the gallery.

By the way, I got my jewelry website back up and running. It's at http://www.frontiernet.net/~dierker/coyote.html
I'll have a catalog up on it soon and a way to buy through Pay Pal.

OK, the illustrated guide to my vacation.

Day 1- We left Peoria late and got to Rushville even later to pick up some extra supplies from the farm. Had to say Hi to the folks who were there visiting. By the time we got out of there it was 2 pm. My only goal was to get to somewhere in Oklahoma that night. We headed to Mexico, MO, getting there around 4:30. We had to stop and pick up a box of turtle shells from Harvey WalMart so I could trade them with my friend Shirley in NM. After that, we made our way down to Jefferson City and I showed Deb where I go for Press OKs. Then down through the Ozarks and to Springfield, Joplin and parts west. We did make it to Miami, OK about 10 pm and I was about all in, so we stopped at the Townsman motel which for $32 was not a bad place to stay at all. It met our basic requirements anyway...clean bed, cable TV and clean shower. Sometimes we will forego the tv altogether in favor of the bed and shower. If it was just me travelling, I'd sleep in the back of my truck at a KOA campground or a rest area and bathe in the sink the next morning, but Deb is a little more picky.

Day 2- Had breakfast in a local diner and headed down I-44. Not much to say about Oklahoma. It's more or less flat and uninteresting like Kansas. Plus the turnpikes on I-44 go through some of the least interesting land in the world. Now when you get to I-40 and head into Indian Country, then it gets kinda nice. Red rolling hills and trees and water occasionally. We stopped in Clinton, OK to go to the Mohawk Lodge Trading Post. I'd found this place years ago and try to stop whenever I can. It's a real old trading post. Sells blankets and beads, moccasins and jewelry supplies. Nice old couple own it. Both are Indian and really nice to talk to. We ended up buying just over $100 worth of beads and swapped stories with them for hours. Then it was back on the road. We got off the interstate at Elk City and headed down the backroads, across the oil country of the Texas panhandle. Though Stinett and Borger and up through Dumas and Dalhart. I swear I'll never tire of referring to Dumas as Dumb Ass. I'd never taken Deb that way and she was a little dubious about me taking a shortcut but it proved out in the end and the scenery was gorgeous. We ended up in Clayton NM that night, actually getting in before dark. We stayed at the Best Western and then headed over to the historic Eklund Hotel for our first Mexican dinner. Deb had tacos and enchiladas. I had a huge beef and been burrito plate with rice and green chilli sauce. YUMMMMMMMMM! I had a Tecate with dinner and a big, soft sopaipilla with honey for dessert. Then back to the room to relax and make more jewelry.

Day 3 - Had breakfast at the Hi Ho diner at the suggestion of the hotel owner, after we checked out. We both had a big plate of huevos rancheros and tortillas. We had vowed not to eat American food again during the trip. We got to Cimarron before noon and found a room at the Kit Carson Inn. Prices were up because it's still the tourist season but they were not too bad all in all. We had lunch at the Kit, enchilladas with red chilli, and then headed over to the museum to find Ethel Ramsey and talk about the jewelry at the gallery. We found her and Red there and had a good visit. They were running the museum for Buddy while he and Irma got ready for his birthday party that night. Ethel had the marble necklace on. Come to find out she had bought it for herself. Ethel took a look at my photos and wanted me to have them matted and send them out to her which I've done now. Hopefully they will be good sellers as well. We found out the time for the party and then headed ove to see Shirley We gave her the turtle shells and she wanted some of my beads. In return, we got two new homespun shirts we can use for our primitive shows, an elk hide possibles bag and a new Taos drum. And each of us went away thinking we had got the best trade. We told her we'd be back later in the week to visit more. This is Shirley with Deb who is wearing one of the new shirts.

Then we headed up to see Val at the Art Gallery and I got a Strawberry Sundae there. Val was not in so we went over to Blue Moon Ecclectics to see my cousin Tracy and visit a bit. Then we went up to see Buddy at Tres Piniones to give him his gift of the dulcimer. He was all kids of happy about it since he'd wanted a mountain dulcimer for years. We met his daughters and grandkids again and we all reminisced for a couple hours. Then it was back to the hotel for some rest and showers before heading to the party. I wore my new shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, black vest and black Stetson hat. Deb wore jeans and her new shirt with a new sash as well. The party was a big hit. Western chuckwagon dinner. Buffalo roast with all the trimmings and 8 kinds of pie for dessert. We got to meet lots of new folks and rub elbows with the ranch owners and cowboys alike. JJ and Cara were there as was Dave Kenneke who runs the chuckwagon service now. Lots of old faces too.

That's me standing next to a couple of Buddy's daughters. Buddy is in the background with the white Stetson and blue denim shirt. Irma is the kindly little lady up front holding up the memory book. This is Buddy thanking everyone for coming out. The tall fellow with the white shirt and leather vest is Kirk Davis, head of operations at the CS Ranch. The building where the party was held is the Old Mill Museum, which formerly housed a grist mill and was operated as the Indian Agency by Kit Carson back in the 1800's. The building is now owned by the CS Ranch and run by Buddy and Irma.

After the party, we went back to our room to relax. About 2 am the skies opened up with a huge thunderstorm with golf ball sized hail and enough rain that water started lapping at the bottom of our door.

To be continued.......


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Sep. 1st, 2004 09:43 am (UTC)
*wanders on in*
i daydream most of my life away, so i wouldn't be worried too much about that. in a trance most of the time. it can be sort of catchy to other people around me. i don't know anyone as bad as me when it comes to being spacey. that's where i got the first name casey. i actually had a name change in october 97. my friends started calling me spacey and one person who was completely fried interpreted it as casey and ever since it stucked. so i changed it.

i am really happy to hear that your jewelry is selling well. my friend krisha raye halverson makes her own jewerly and sells it to locations in and around chicago and major parts of wisconsin. i truly know how much it would mean to you to sell off most of your jewelry whenever you can. she gets excited when she has a large sale. she just recently went to a renasaince (sp?) fair to sell some jewerly.

i'm going to go check out some of your jewelry. i would certainly love to help put your name out there...
Sep. 1st, 2004 10:05 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
That would be lovely if you can. I might even send you a piece of it so you can advertise for me.

Sep. 1st, 2004 10:08 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
i have some friends with websites and i could always make a link for those websites as sort of an AD type deal or something.

most of my friends and family are into jewelry. so i'll start asking around.

Sep. 1st, 2004 10:15 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
Cool. So for your complimentary piece of jewelry, what kinds of stones or colors do you like?

Sep. 1st, 2004 10:30 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
dude, you don't have to do that. besides i like surprises. surprise me...

keep in mind two things. my sun sign is aries and my rising sign is leo. and one more thing... i have red hair and green eyes...

i'm sure that's all you need to work with, right?
Sep. 1st, 2004 10:36 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
Yeah I have red hair and blue eyes so certain things look absolutely ghastly on me. Such as pink...

OK, I'll surprise you.

Sep. 1st, 2004 10:37 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
do you use yahoo messenger? if you do, feel free to add "thesipapu" and chat. i'm on here and there. i mean, if you're bored.
Sep. 1st, 2004 10:41 am (UTC)
Re: *wanders on in*
So you named yourself after a hole in the bottom of a kiva, the emergence place.

I'll add you though I won't spend much time online until the cold weather forces me inside more.

I'm on there as pinkcoyotedesigns...how original.

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