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Day 7 Continued-

We spent quite a bit of time that afternoon with Buddy over at the Museum. As always we had to go through his stash of beads to see what we wanted. I took us hours to do that. We were like kids in a candy store. We ended up with about $50 worth of beads which of course Buddy let us have for free because I'd gifted him with a couple really nice old Venetian Chevrons. Also he was grateful I'd helped him find a reliable source for the new Venetian Chevrons and he was able to buy a couple thousand dollars worth of them. Knowing we would see him again the next day, we took off after a few hugs and headed over to the Outfitters in Leather to say goodbye to Shirley. This accomplished we went over to Ramsey House to get a good look at how she had our jewelry displayed. I have to say it was a very professional looking display. Well it should be as she has been doing this for over 25 years, but still. While we were there, someone came in to buy some of our jewelry and Ethel told the customer that the "artists" were standing right over there. We all laughed about that but it felt good to be called an artist.

Of course we had to go over and see Val at the Art Gallery and get some ice cream and green tea as well. Then over to Blue Moon Ecclectics to see my cousin Tracy one more time. She got out the map and showed us a route back through OK and KS that would save us about 5 hours of travel time. Afterwards, we went back over to the hotel and rested a bit before gathering some more film and heading out to see if we could find the heard of buffalo Philmont Scout Ranch maintains. Earlier in the week we'd looked for the elder herd with no luck but on the way in we'd seen the yearling herd east of town. So we headed out that way. We'd seen a storm gathering but thought we'd get a few pics before it hit. We were wrong of course and golf ball sized hail chased us back into town.

The Storm

Melting hail 20 minutes after the storm

We hid in the hotel room and watched the stuff bounce off our rental car fearing it would break the windshield but that Nissan did pretty well and showed no hail damage at all. After the brief male storm, we were able to go out and find the buffalo.

Yearling Buffalo

Then we decided to go drive the Cito road to the Buffalo Pasture anyway to see what we could see. No buffalo but we did get really lucky and see a huge elk herd.

The Herd

Curious but cautious

You kids don't get to close to those humans, they bite

While sitting there looking at the elk, we heard a sound behind us and looked back to see we had been joined by a couple burros out looking for dinner. I call this the Juan Valdez shot because it looks like ole Juan should come riding up and offer us some coffee.

Where's Juan?

The elk were not interested in coming closer so we turned around and headed back to town. On the way in, we surprised a couple mule deer munching on leaves and they were kind enough to pose for us.

Say Cheese!

We drove down the Canyon a bit and were treated to the site of anotehr huge herd of elk. Of course I was out of film by then and my crappy little digital didn't get much in the gathering darkness but it was just cool to see. Deb got to see more elk on this trip that her dad did when I took him elk hunting last winter.

We made it back in to town and over to the Kit Carson for dinner. They sat us in a quiet corner by a window so we could watch them roll up the streets in Cimarron. Deb had enchiladas and I had this wonderful burrito plate with pork, beef, beans and potatoes baked right in. And of course warm sopapillas and honey for dessert.

Then it was over to the St. James for the requisite couple of Shiner Bock beers and a chat with the locals. I saw John the cook, an old friend from when I used to work there. And we sipped our beers and listened contentedly while a local biker told of his recent trip to Sturgis. The ghosts stayed quiet which was fine with us. I wasn't really in the mood for supernatural activity that day. It was perfect as it was.

Afterward, we went back to the hotel and snuggled and read until we fell asleep.

The last day in Cimarron and the trip home will come tomorrow.




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Sep. 15th, 2004 06:09 pm (UTC)
I've been hanging on to your previous post because I wanted to comment, so I'll do that here - this photo just blew me away. Sooooo pretty! The ones you've posted today remind me a lot of my recent visit to Yellowstone. I'm glad you guys had such an amazing time. :)
Sep. 16th, 2004 08:32 am (UTC)
I have hi res files on all of those. So if you'd like the hi res or if you'd like me to do a print for you, I can.

Thanks for the compliment! I really like that old town. I've been going there for years, watching it slowly disintegrate.

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