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Eclipse Dreams

This period between the eclipses has me dreaming again. Some might say, "So what!" But I literally don't dream normally. Or if I do dream, it's not something I ever remember the next day. I go to sleep for 6-8 hours and then wake up and continue on where I left off the day before. Perhaps it's because I have visions most of the time when I meditate and there is nothing left over for dreams, I don't know. But the last two weeks have been dream intensive. I've caught myself wanting to stay in bed in the mornings to finish up certain dreams.

Last week, I had what seemd like a very long dream about being a Viking who had come to the americas in very early times. Hundreds of years prior to European colonization. There was a bunch of us and we were up in what was now Minnesota or some such. We were building this bridge. It wasn't just a bridge that went over a body of water, it actually went through a big lake or something. From one side to the other so you could walk across instead of taking a boat across. The under-structure was a huge A-frame affair made out of cut logs. The part you walked on was long, thick, rough hewn planks that formed a foot path so when it was finished, you could actually walk across this lake about 30 feet above the water. Flash forward in the dream to modern day. The place is n ow some sort of National Park and someone is doing a documentary on how the Park is trying to reconstruct this bridge. A crane is trying to set these long railroad ties in place for the footbridge and the guy doing the narrating is talking about what a feat it was to hew these logs out by hand for the foot path. Some of them were over 30 feet long. I have no idea if this place exists or not.

Saturday night, Deb had trouble sleeping upstairs at the farm so she went down to the couch. I fell asleep in my clothes on top of the covers on our bed. It was warm outside and we had the windows open wit ha good breeze blowing though. I had a nightmare of sorts (first one in several years). I was with a group exploring an old mine of sorts. I think maybe it was a coal mine. It was very dusty inside. We had discoverd this huge open chamber that appeared to go down several levels. I volunteered to rapel down and explore some ofthe otehr levels. I was down maybe 50 feet from the rest of the party when the ground started to shake and someone was shouting about a cave-in. A rope was thrown down to me with some sort of metal harness on he end. I grabbed on with my hands and suddenly swung out into nothingness. The next thing I see is the rope being pulled up with just the harness on the end and I realize I must be falling. A woman in the party screams as they realize there is nothing more they can do for me. They have to get out. And then I woke up, feeling like something not so good was coming after me. I stood up and turned on all the lights upstairs and went downstairs. Deb was asleep on the couch and I very gently asked her if she wanted to go back upstairs to sleep. She never quite opened her eyes but she did go back up and I was able to spoon with her and get back to sleep but the feeling something was coming for me stayed with me for quite awhile.

Last night/This morning I dreamt Deb alked me into taking a walk in Downtown Peoria. I'll admit, Peoria is not a huge city and I've learned to feel somewhat comfortable here. Still, I make no bones about leaving here as often as possible and going to the farm. I just don't have much use for cities. So for Deb to talk me into taking a walk downtown is an impressive feat. We were walking down Adams and past the city campus of ICC. Deb saw someone she knew and stopped to talk to them. She told me to keep going and she would catch up. I kept going to the end of the block. On the corner were a bunch of people waiting to catch a bus. I waited for a bit with them. I looked back once to see Deb still talking to her friend. Then I looked to the right down the cross street. There was a low white adobe wall with an opening in front of it and a galvanized metal pole leading downward. I walked over to it and looked down. About 30 feet down there was a flat landing and an opening leading to something under the street level. I started to climb down the pole when a girl walked up. I looked at her and she seemed vaguely familiar but I was sure I'd never met her. She had a face very similar to the owner of a friend of a friend's LJ, breasystorm. She asked me if I was going down and I said I was going to give it a try. I didn't know if I would fit into the opening. I started down the pole and it was close going. My back and stomach were actually rubbing the walls front and back. I had a vague thought of Alice down the rabbit hole. The opening at he bottom looked much to small for me to fit through. Fianlly I reached the bottom and looked up. I was essentially in a semi circular shaft about 4 feet across the flat edge and maybe 8-10 inches wide. The walls were white and the reflected light from above kept it fairly light inside. The girl was looking down at me and asking what did I see. I told her there was this little door and I was going to try to get through. Like Alice, I had no trouble getting through though it looked much too small for me to fit. When I went through, I was in a Southwestern landscape. Not the semi arid desert I'm used to in Northern, NM but more like the monolithic landscapes of Arizona or Utah. I was standing at the bottom of a red rock canyon. Not as deep as Canyon de Chelley but fairly deep nonetheless. A shallow stream flowed near the base of the canyon walls. The floor of the canyon was dotted with yucca and other desert plants. A few lizards scurried about. The most amazing thing was there was no sign of the street. There was clear blue sky above me. I looked back from where I had come and there was no sign of the city. There was a low white wall and at it's base a small opening like a culvert where water might flow through. Certainly not big enough for me to have just walked through. Sitting atop the wall was the girl from before. She was dressed all in denim. With a silver and turquoise hairpiece in her hair. She was just sitting there smiling at me like she knew what was going on. She was swinging her legs, obviously in no hurry to go anywhere. She just sat and watched while I took everything in, in amazement. I remember not really wondering where Deb was which was somewhat odd. I also remember feeling like this was exactly where I belonged.

And then of course, I woke up with a full bladder. I managed to keep myself in that semi-sleep state where you might have a fleeting chance of recapturing your dream. When I was in the bathroom, the damned eclipse-affected cat started biting my toe so I walked out to the kitchen to feed the cats. And tried to go back to bed. Of course then Deb wanted a glass of water. I almost growled at her to get it herself but decided not to. By then I was mostly awake. I gave her the water and tried to go back to sleep butthe dream was elusive. I could vaguely picture the desert and the girl was gone. Oh well, maybe tonight.




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Oct. 26th, 2004 02:56 pm (UTC)
I'm the same way, I very rarely remember my dreams, although I suppose I must dream like anyone else b/c my fiance says I occasionally talk in my slep, or move my arms/hands ect...

Very interesting and detailed dreams though. Usually you forget them as time passes. Did you write them down?
Oct. 26th, 2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
Nope, they were vivid enough I just remembered them.

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