Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

The New Catalog

OK the new catalog is up and it's right Here.

This is not everything I have. About 3/4 of my stuff is at a gallery in NM. This is what I have left after my last show and I'll be doing some more in the next few days. I'm down on earrings right now so I'll likely get to some of those tonight and get them added tomorrow. If something interests you, email me at dierker@frontiernet.net and we'll work the details out. I can do credit cards and e-checks via paypal plus I'll take personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks.

A couple caveats to the catalog. Everything is one of a kind so buying will largely be first come first served. But some things I can make something similar. About the only exception would be N9, the necklace with the Frog Spots beads. Those were hand made by duskfrog's mother and gifted to me by her. I only have one of those beads left. The ones with the pendants, I don't have duplicate pendants but I could come up with something. I think we are OK on everything else. The other caveat is I don't have a way of updating the catalog from work. So I may run into a situation where someone emails me that they want to buy something but someone else has already bought it. I won't be able to update the pages but twice a day. So again, if it's something you really want, we'll try to work something out. The Celtic silver on pewter beads were gifted to me by aronal. I have some left and some in different shapes and should be adding at least one more necklace to the site.

LJ is the only place I'm placing this link. These prices are somewhat reduced from my normal prices and vastly reduced from the commission prices I charge when I show in a gallery. So have at it.


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