Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

What about the Shellfish?

Well the PETA folks were protesting our KFC the other morning saying chickens were being raised and killed inhumanely. So my question is, if you raise and kill them humanely, they still end up dead right? This makes me wonder when PETA is going to stand up for all the shellfish out there. I mean pretty much the gold standard of freshness for crabs, lobster, oysters, clams or scallops is that they are alive when you toss them in a pot of scalding water and watch their shells turn that pretty red color. And shrimp, you throw them on ice and freeze them to death, then pop the heads off with your fingers. In fact for most shellfish, if they are dead when you get them home, you throw them away rather than cook them. So where are the animal rights activists for the shellfish? Is our compassion for another species measured by how loud they scream when we killor abuse them? I'm waiting for PETA to come to the defense of all the earthworms I yank unceremoniously out of the ground every year, stab with a fish hook and use for bait. Can't hear them scream at all. So I guess they don't count. And fish taste best when you clean them while still alive as well.

Sorry but I still have fond memories of catching dozens of blue crabs on fatty chicken necks and taking them home to toss in steaming cauldrons of water and disecting their carcasses to dip the tender meat in butter and eat. Nutin better ever.

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