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The Six Apart/LJ thing

Like many others I'm adopting a wait and see attitude about this whole thing. I feel a bit better after reading Brad's and SA's comments on the whole thing. But part of me remains a bit cynical about the whole thing. See I work for a huge corporation that routinely buys smaller companies, rearranges them, sells off the slow moving parts, lets employees go and then resells the smaller company at a substantial profit. And the rhetoric at the beginning of the process always sounds about the same, "Fear not, we won't be making big changes. You probably won't even know we are here. It won't affect the way you do things. Quality won't suffer. Only a few people will be affected at first...."

I LOVE LJ. I've looked at a few other bloggy things and never liked them as much as LJ. I'm a paid member but I'm also one of those mysterious Early Adopter folks. Mine was LJ number 12,432 thank you very much. I've been a Live Journaler for 4 years and 5 months and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I've learned things. I've met people through this medium that have become close friends and several I've even met in person, only strengthening the ties of friendship. I've gotten in some bitter fights too and even picked up a couple of stalkers along the way. But all of that has taught me something at least. The 832 entries, and 8,284 comments I've made have represented more actual writing than I did in 4 years of High School, 6 years of undergrad school and 2 years of grad school. I love the community aspect of LJ because I think LJ friends for the most part genuinely care about each other. It's much more than just "words on the screen" as one of my LJ friends likes to refer to most online communication. LJ has given me a medium to showcase my jewelry, art and photography and get much needed input on those. The experience I've had with LJ has made me much more confident in my communication abilities. And because of all that, I shudder to think it will now become the vision of someone new.

I don't blame Brad at all. I think it was inevitable and really it's all about the American Dream. A young person coming up with an idea that he works to make so popular that other people want to share his vision. The final part of that aspect of the American Dream is that your idea finally becomes big enough you can make a living off of it and provide for yourself and your family. And that is what happened here.

I'll be interested to see the changes that come and I can only hope they don't take away from the community feeling I've come to know and love. I won't go so far as to download my journal right away in hopes of moving it somewhere else because frankly I don't think any other service has what LJ does. But I'll be watching like everyone else.



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