Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Big Brother

So on GMA this morning, which I saw as I was going out the door to get my new gold crown shoved up into my gum, there was this gallery in Chicago where they are running a slightly controversial exhibit. One of the pieces of art shows a sheet of stamps that depict somome holding a gun to George Bush's head. Apparently the Secret Service came down on opening day to check it out. The artist was unavailable for comment but the gallery owner was interviewed and he actually said, "What bothers me is it feels like we are being Big Brothered."

To which my response was, "Get a clue dude!"

What, you think you were not being watched before the SS came in? What do you think those cameras are all about at the bank? How about the ones mounted so innocently on the traffic signals? How about the ones in stores and aimed at the WalMart parking lot and those webcams aimed from the tops of city buildings watching you eat your lunch outside on a sunny day. Of course that's not to mention what all the satellites can see from up there. And does anyone who uses the Internet really think we are not being watched? Why do you think they make programs to get spyware off your machine? I used to sit with a scanner on at my house listening to people's cell phone conversations. If I can do it, you think Big Brother isn't doing it too? Hello Mr. FBI agent. If you are reading this, I hope you are having a nice day.

Some people are just so incredibly naive. Hello, that world doesn't exist anymore folks. Not unless you find some way of living off the grid.

Oh and I got my taxes done last night. After electronic filing expenses and bank fees, I'm getting $5 back from Federal and I had to pay the State of Illinois $25. At least I didn't take a bad hit on Federal Taxes. Thank the spirits for business losses.

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