Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Wander - Turkey Wrangler Extraordinaire!

I picked up the fireworks this weekend. On the way back from the plant, I stopped at the old drive in theater in Macomb and took som photos. The only thing really left is the big screen. The marquee signs are sitting in a pile on the property and they were neat to photograph as well. When I got back home, I made one last ditch effort to get in the woods to hunt mushrooms. Jake had fun in the creek since it had been raining and the water level was up. I found about 6 dozen more good sized yellow morels. I doubt people will be finding too many more. Finding them this big is usually a sign the season is nearly over. Here are some that I found with my hand and a box of baking Soda for size comparison:

The woods were saturated with the smell of lilacs which are in bloom right now.

As I was stepping over a clump of brush, I got a big surprise. A full grown wild turkey came up underneath me and tried to escape. Un fortunately, he came up perpendicular to me and right between my legs so we ended up in quite the tangle of wings and legs. After pecking the shit out of my boot, he finally got free and took off treeward, bitching at me the whole way. I was too surprised to react, more than to just fall over and start laughing. Jake was excited about it though and gave futile chase.

The farm is in bloom. All the fruit trees are blooming so I should have a good crop of apricots, peaches and pears. The apple and the mulberry tree were in bloom too although I didn't get photos of them.

A mama robin has made a nest in one of my redbud trees. I'm amazed those huge eggs come out of that little bird.

A new cat showed up over the weekend. He's a rather scraufulous individual. He makes Bill the Cat look like a beauty contest entrant. I told him he could either live in the garage or the barn. I saw him sneaking into the barn later on. All the mice he can eat...no charge.

Well mushroom eating tonight and the rest of the week is spent in prep for the NC vacation and fireworks show.


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