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Some completely unrelated thoughts

Weather: Warmer but snowing again. Got up this morning to a yard mostly devoid of snow so I guess it's time for more.

I was thinking about my upcoming birthday yesterday. Thinking about what I wanted to do for myself. It will be my 36th birthday. For my 30th birthday, I treated myself to a Tom Petty concert. Got two tickets and walked into my favorite bar (Starship Billiards) and asked this cute, voluptuous barmaid if she wanted to go to the concert with me. She surprised me by saying yes. Surprising since she just met me a few minutes before. Still she asked me to come to her house that Sunday so she could get to know me better. I wowed her with a great massage and a nice energy transfer that had her all warm and horny. I suppose if I had let it go on long enough, I could have gotten laid but it's just not as exciting sometimes if you don't have to work for it, so I trailed the energy off easy with a few nice kisses and left her in a nice napping mood. Had a fanatstic time at the concert. Tom played for 3 hours. Had to be one of the best shows I've ever been to. We took a cooler full of Samuel Adams with us and drank several during the show. Someone passed around a joint and we all got pleasantly stoned. Took the girl back home and she invited me in and we had a really nice night together. What a great birthday that was.

The next year, I treated myself to a trip to Phoenix. Went to the Grande Canyon early in the morning and came back to have lunch in Flagstaff. Met a waitress there who took me on a tour of Sedona by moonlight. What a magical night that was. Lying on a Navajo blanket high on a rocky cliff and gazing at the star filled sky. Drinking a bottle of good wine and contemplating existence. Two people who were content to simply love the one they were with. Next day on the way to Phoenix, met up with a young couple down on thier luck and out of money in a rest area. Gave their daughter a nice turquoise necklace and gave them $50 bucks. People on the road share what they got when they got something. Like Crosby, Stills and Nash said "You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by."

So I'm wondering what to do for this birthday. Money is a little low so I doubt travelling will be involved. I know I'm taking the day off from work but beyond that, I don't know. There will be fireworks at night if I want. I was thinking of seeing a concert but most of my favorites are either just off a tour or not touring until next summer. Neil Young is out. Tom Petty is out. Arlo Guthrie's closest appearance is in Grand Rapids Michigan and that might get a little costly to manage. I went to see Arlo in Taos, NM for my 21 st B-day back in 86. Still have the autographed T-Shirt. Maybe Michigan ain't too far afterall. I'll have to think about it.

Last night, I finally got tired of the food we've been eating. I do most of the cooking around our place. Not that Deb couldn't but 1) she's a gourmet cook and we don't always have all the time in the world for her to whip something up and 2) She doesn't like to bake. So I get the job of keeping us alive and healthy. We've been eating a lot of pork lately since it's cheaper than beef. Well, I'm about sick of the other white meat so chicken seemed the sensible alternative. So I did a little of the gourmet thing and made chicken cordon bleu. Also did broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and hominy for some color. Actually it came out pretty well. I'll have to some more meals like that to spice things up a bit.

Heading to the farm tonight unless it snows too much. Maybe I'll treat the office and go by the bakery at 6:30 am and get hot fresh donuts for everyone. I had status meetings all morning....not fun at all. 1/2 hour until lunch when I have to go over to the mall and pay on my Sears, Discover and Victorias Secret bills. The VS is almost paid off and then I'm cancelling the account. Too much temptation to buy lingerie for Deb all the time.

Pretty boring journal I know but I'll write more later. My brain is not exactly online today.




Jan. 30th, 2001 12:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Suggestions.
1. Invest in rogaine to keep your hair from falling out.

You saw my hair. I don't think I need to worry about rogaine for a bit.

2. Wander around the local mall looking for the worlds perfect yogurt.

No Yogurt shops in our mall. Thank God.

3. Go driving through local streets at 15 mph.

It's pretty much what I do when it snows anyway!

4. Sit outside a bait shop on a rocking chair all day.

Bait shops around here are closed for the winter so I'd be sitting by myself in front of an empty building.

5. Kidnap a bunch of little kids and force em to hear stories about "the good old days."

Now this is something I could do. Or I could kidnap you and force you to hear stories about the good ole days!

6. Start putting serious thought into life insurance and burial plots.

Got all the life insurance anyone would ever need. I'm worth far more dead than alive. And I'm going to be cmated so no worries about burial plots.

7. Sand blast your dentures clean.

No dentures as of yet. Lots of root canals but no dentures.

8. Find the nearest group of teenagers and complain that their music is to loud.

Actually, my music is usually louder than theirs.

9. Sit around the house drinking prune juice all day.

No thanks.

10. Get a mid-life crisis.

I'm almost there but not quite. At least another 10 years.




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