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Summer Vacation 2005

Because of my ongoing summer project, I was not able, until now to edit all my vacation photos from my trip to New Mexico in July. More specifically the trip was to Philmont Scout Ranch to attend the annual Philmont Staff Association (PSA) reunion. I spent the summers of 1984 and 1985 working at Philmont before moving to Cimarron, NM, the town just outside the ranch and marrying my now ex-wife. In 1994 whilst in the midst of my divorce I was priviledged to work there again, this time as assistant manager of News and Photo Services, the division that took all the crew and publicity photos as well as dessiminating news of the ranch to outside media. Philmont is fully owned by the Boy Scouts of America. It comprises 137,000 acres of beautiful and rugged wilderness in the Sangre De Cristo mountains and features 57 unstaffed camps and over 30 staffed camps (many of which are interpretive camps) in the back country. Presently there is a two year waiting list for scouts to come hike at Philmont. Crews sign up for 12 day treks which can last from 50 to over 200 miles. They all start at Base Camp and then hike each day in the back country visitng various camps and taking part in various historical and contemporary activities. Over 20,000 Scouts and leaders per summer pass through Philmont. If you have a kid in high school that can't figure out what to do with himself for the summer, it's a very cool place to work. Room and board plus a decent monthly salary are provided.

Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the Ranch:


Those of us who have worked there and several who have just visited call it God's Country and most of us who work there once will do just about anything to get the opportunity to work there again. Anyway, the reunions normally last only two days but since the National Jamboree was going on this summer, adult attendance at the Philmont Training Center was low so we got to come in for a week long reunion and bring families if we wished. We had about 300 people at the reunion. Two of the highlights of the week were the service projects and the Art Show. For years, the PSA has been giving back to Philmont in the form of day long service projects and monetary donations. But this year we decided to give back 1,000 man hours of service. There were over a dozen projects to choose from ranging from trail maintenance to forest fire area restoration to historical research. I took the forest fire area restoration. Also for the first time ever, the PSA sponsored an art show featuring the work of staff and local artists. So I crammed a small rental car full of jewelry, block prints and photography and headed west. The show was very well attended and everyone sold at least one thing. I sold lots of things and two pieces of my jewelry brought in over $200 in a silent auction to benefit the PSA building fund. We are building a new entertainment complex for the present and future staff.

I had a blast and also got to do some exploring and visiting old friends and ex-relatives. Rather than bore my friends list with a blow by blow account, I've worked up a little web photo gallery which can be found here. Clicking on the Image Info tab will reveal the name of the photo and any information I've incuded. If you'd like to see higher res versions, just ask.

Hope you likes.




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Sep. 23rd, 2005 08:01 pm (UTC)
Looks like some awesome scenery. Nice jewelry too!
I never could get into the stone "fan" shapes. Do they have any particular meaning that you know of?
Anyway, nice work!
Sep. 23rd, 2005 08:18 pm (UTC)
Nope, just something we started seeing at gem shows and they are inexpensive so we started using them. We use them far less now but they still seem to sell well. Thanks!

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